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The Sizzlin’ Pepper Steak

Well, I should have posted this earlier but I guess I was too overwhelmed to write  anything yesterday and during that time. But still, allow me to share my dining experience, ok? 

It was last Friday, Aug. 27, when we went to dine in this restaurant. Yes, I do have “companion” and I wasn’t on my ‘loner mode’. We never really had plans to eat out since I was supposed to be on my class and he was supposed to be on his way to some remote place (like a jungle maybe?). Apparently, my class was cancelled and he ended up going with me to the mall, SM Fairview. So there… 

I was already hungry by the time we entered “The Sizzlin’ Pepper Steak” and yet I was also amused at the interior of the place. It was designed in a minimalist way taking an Oriental theme which is evident with the dominance of the color red. 

I chose a table by the corner and the waitress gave us the menu. She explained to us their different system of getting orders then left us so we could think of what we will have. By this time the question playing on my mind has finally been answered. The ‘cow decoration’ on the table is not really a decoration but is used for ordering. Hmm… I thought that I must give extra points for their out-of-the-box system. We were given a paper with the list of their dishes and in there we would indicate the quantity of our orders. 

The menu

Looking at the menu, I noticed that the restaurant has made an effort to add some twist to the steak by offering Japanese and American versions. I must say that it took me a while to decide what to eat since the photos and captions in the menu were really enticing. When we are done listing our orders, we changed the cow sign “STOP” to “Moo-oove” as instructed to us. Again, the waitress approached us and took the paper. Then, we patiently waited a while for our meals to arrive. 

The Sizzlin' Pepper Steak has a unique way of placing orders. You fill up their order form and when you're done, that's the time to change the cow sign "stop" to "moo-oove".

Unfortunately, as I’ve mentioned above, I was so hungry that I forgot to take photos of our orders. I was almost done with my meal when it occurred to me that I want to blog about the restaurant. So with that, the only decent ones left for me to shoot are the ones here. My apologies… 

Anyway, we ordered a sharing size of gravy fries, gyuniku beef pepper rice (for me), pork bbq pepper rice (for him), blueberry cheesecake and two bottomless iced tea

The gravy fries were arranged neatly and with parsley on top. I thought the gravy was already poured to the fries but it wasn’t. It was served separately and I was just glad. 

The gravy fries (sharing size). Sorry, we already ate a few so the presentation is a bit destroyed already.

It was our first time to eat in the restaurant and we were really surprised that their meal seem to be good for two people already. Well, I don’t really mind because I’m starving so I started to eat already.  It seems my companion is also in the mood to pig-out so when asked on how’s the food, he instantly replied that his pork bbq pepper rice was great. Although, I didn’t really bother to confirm and taste his meal since I was really enjoying my order. The beef gyuniku pepper rice, I must say, was heavenly. The meat was tender and the sauce is just so tasty and creamy. I was so full even before dessert arrived. 

And yes, there’s still dessert. My companion isn’t really a big fan of sweets so I already thought that it is safe to order just one for the two of us. And besides, it’s kinda sweet to share in one cake only right? 😉 

The blueberry cheesecake. Sweet!

The blueberry cheesecake of the restaurant was also something else. If only I wasn’t full already that time, I swear I would order another one especially since I learned that it was also my companion’s favorite. 

Overall, it was a good dining experience. The service was excellent. There was always a smile from the staff and they never forget to approach us to refill our glasses with iced tea. The ambience is nice and cozy. It would be a suitable place for a date, business meeting or family dinners. The menu is really fantastic and even though it’s a bit pricey, I tell you that it’s all worth it. Actually, I plan to visit it again soon but in another branch maybe. 🙂 


P.S. The Sizzlin’ Pepper Steak, SM Fairview Branch is located at the Annex, level one. It is in front of it’s sister company Teriyaki Boy.


Yum-yum Nestle Yogurt

Love yogurt?

Well, Nestle has just made a new yummy yogurt. Yup, very yummy because the Fruit Selection now is not only yogurt but also with jelly.

What’s more exciting about this new yogurt + jelly is that it comes in two fruit flavors namely: strawberry and buco pandan.

It is very affordable at the price of 20 pesos per serving.  So, have a taste now! It is available at all leading supermarkets nationwide.

P.S. Don’t get me wrong with this post, I’m not a health buff, ok?  😉

Coffee Twist

Tired of your old black coffee?

Then try my latest addiction…


Coffee Twist is the latest bottled coffee out in the market. It is a black coffee with a twist. This coffee is perfect for those hot nights when you need to be up and you don’t want to drink a warm coffee. It comes in three flavors: classic black, orange and hazelnut.

Grab a bottle now! 😉

Be delighted with Dutche

Valentine’s Day is getting near so chocolates are invading the town again… And in case you want to indulge in its sweetness without spending too much, check this:

Dutche is a delightful chocolate perfect as a gift or as a comfort food. This is best recommended to children of all ages whether they have a sweeth tooth or none.

Dutche offers a wide variety of chocolate goodies to all. From chocolate covered cookies to rice crispies, dark chocolate, white chocolate and even strawberry candies. In fact, they even got Belgian chocolates!

At an affordable price, you can already give a Dutche chocolate to your loved-one. With its nice container, who would have thought that it doesn’t even cost a hundred bucks. Very nice, right?

Well, Dutche chocolates is available at all SM malls. I’m not sure if they have in other malls, just check. 🙂

Treat your tastebuds with Twinx

Are you looking for a heart-warming chocolate drink? Well, this one’s for you…

Twinx is an instant chocolate milk drink suited for kids and for those who are young at heart. Have a mug of this and you’ll surely be transported back to your childhood and carefree days. It is best recommended too as a comfort drink for depressed people.

This affordable drink can be enjoyed both in hot or cold servings. By the way, Twinx comes in a twin sachet pack containing the choco powder and the toppings (marshmallows and choco crunch).

Apart from the great choco experience that Twinx offers, it is also rich in vitamins and minerals. It contains Vitamins B1, B6, D3, Folic Acid and Zinc.

So, indulge in the sweetness of chocolate. Watch out for this instant choco drink in stores near you. 

X’S: Thanks a lot to my bestfriend Kim who gave me a pack of this delightful drink. 🙂

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