Day 25: Letter to My Everyday Mystery

(In response to Day 25 challenge, I decided to write a letter to the person who fascinates me instead of just posting about him. I want it to be addressed to him instead of just posting it for everyone.)

Dear My Everyday Mystery,

After almost a year, you still remain the person that continue to fascinate me.

This is the first time ever that I wrote to someone here in this blog. I don’t know why but thinking about how you would react already makes me tremble. I do not want to scare you away or make you feel uncomfortable. I just want you to know how I see you as a man.

The first time we get acquainted, I wasn’t attracted to you yet. In fact, I can no longer recall our conversation. All I can remember is that you gave me a different impression. You had me curious about you. A guy who wears glasses and comfortably talks with his new colleague. Very friendly and confident. I was wondering if you’re also the nerd or geek type because of your glasses. Maybe I was stereo-typing too much. Luckily, you’re not any of the two.

Since then, I would steal a glimpse of you from my seat. You look very manly and appealing in the light. Your love for adventure and appreciation for the beauty of nature caught my interest. I decided I wanted to know you better.

As days passed by, I struggled with myself in killing my growing interest for you. I failed. Every single day, I became more aware of how I react weirdly at you. Whenever you’re near, my pulse races and my blood flow seem to immediately run straight to my face. I felt so awkward about it and even scolded myself for acting like a high school teenager. It was so hard for me so I avoided you.

Then, Fate seemed to play with me. You hinted how I felt. Yes, I had a crush on you. And, it really broke my heart when time came when we can no longer be with each other. I tried hard to find a way to be still together with you but things just won’t work.

But even now that we’re already miles apart, thinking of you still has a weird effect on me. It is still the same feeling… How my heart would skip a beat every time my name would escape your lips. How your nearness paints a color in my cheeks.  And how every single simple gesture for me would mean a lot.

Forgive me for feeling this way for you. I do not expect for you to feel the same. I may not be worthy of your attention… Just let me be like this. Having to think of you gives a different light to my dull life. Thoughts of you rekindle my passion to write. So allow me to stay this way…

I wish you have a meaningful Christmas this year and a blessed 2014…

Missing you,


***More to come for my 30 day blog challenge


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