Day 24: Homeward Bound

My most favorite film when I was a little girl is Homeward Bound: An Incredible Journey.

homewardbound The film is based on The Incredible Journey written by Sheila Burnford and is the American remake of another film which was shown in 1963. The movie is about the three pets of the Burnford children – Chance (American bulldog), Shadow (golden retriever) and Sassy (Himalayan cat). Chance serves as the narrator of the story.

The story begins with a wedding. Laura Burnford, the mother of the three kids is getting married. The house was full of people. Everyone’s busy including the pets. After the wedding, the entire family decided to go on a trip to San Francisco and left the pets with a family friend who owns a ranch.

Because of this, the pets became troubled and thought that they were abandoned by the family for good. Shadow was also starting to get worried about his owner, Peter. Determined to be reunited with his owner and to get out of the ranch, Shadow was able to persuade Chance and Sassy to go with him and find their owners.

Together, the three animals traveled crossing the mountains and conquering the wilderness into an unforgettable adventure of their lives. They were faced with hardships that made their friendship and determination grow stronger.

It is a fantastic story of loyalty, friendship and hope. My cherished childhood movie.

I remember that I was only able to watch this film when my Dad rented a VHS tape copy of it when he went home from Benguet, as he was working there that time. I was crying in pity with Sassy and Shadow as I was watching the movie. I got carried away with the scenes. Then after seeing it for the first time, I replayed it again for a couple of times and even asked my Dad not to return it anymore.

As expected, Disney did a great job in doing this remake. It became a box-office hit and many reviews said that it was a lot better than the original.


***More to come for my 30 day blog challenge




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