Day 23: The ONLY Two

Today’s challenge asks me to post five pictures of famous guys that I find attractive. Sorry, but I can’t comply.

When I thought of famous guys that I really find attractive, only two names came to mind. And, both of them are Korean! In fact, I can’t even decide who should I write first between the two of them.

1. Jang Geun-suk

Jang Geun-suk

Current Age: 26

First Time I Saw Him: You’re Beautiful

Features I Got Attracted To: Eyes and Lips

Last Time I Saw Him: Pretty Man (Pretty Boy ep. 10)

Jang Geun-suk is like a manga character that came to life. No wonder he’s currently the lead for the newest KBS series Pretty Boy. When I first saw him, he was playing the role of a tough band leader. I was automatically drawn to his expressive eyes. I find him charming when he smiles and sexy when he’s serious and angry. He makes me feel like a teenage girl all over again. Whew!

But apart from his pretty face, he also has a lot of stuff to be adored for. Aside from his native tongue, Jang Geun-suk can also speak Nippongo and English. He started as a model at the early age of five. Till now, he has endorsed many products and received numerous awards in acting and singing both locally and abroad. He became more popular for playing the villain in The Case of Itaewon Homicide which was based from a true story. His most recent achievement was from the 27th Japan Gold Disc Awards for his  album Just Crazy as one of the Best 3 Albums of the year.

2. Lee Min-ho

Lee Min-ho

Current Age: 26

First Time I Saw Him: Boys Over Flowers

Features I Got Attracted To: Eyes, Lips and Body

Last Time I Saw Him: The Heirs (Final episode)

Lee Min-ho is every girl’s dream neighbor. He has that innocent look that will make you want to hug him. He can give you that bad guy appeal too just like what he did in Boys Over Flowers. His role in that series drove girls crazy. And yeah, I was one of them. But he swept me off my feet even more in his latest series The Heirs. He was so captivating and irresistible especially in the first and last two episodes. I can never get enough of him. *sighs!* Wait, let me get hold of myself again!

As a child, Lee Min-ho dreamed to be a professional soccer player but because of an injury he wasn’t able to pursue this dream. Instead, he started his modeling and acting career when he was in high school. He was cast in small roles in television dramas until he got his big break. Since then, he appeared in many commercials and ads, and even recorded a few songs. He has also received many awards for his acting. The latest were Best Actor (Faith) from DramaFever Awards and Most Popular Hallyu Star (The Heirs) from Baidu Feidian Awards. Another admirable thing about Lee Min-ho are his social contributions among them is that he was an ambassador in UNICEF’s Love Net campaign to fight malaria (2009-2010).

That’s it. These are the two guys that can keep me awake all night (because of their drama series). 🙂


***More to come for my 30 day blog challenge


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