Day 21: Flower Boy Next Door

I was thinking of a favorite local tv show but I can’t come up with any so I resorted to writing about one of my favorite Korean series – Flower Boy Next Door.

This series kept me up for a week as I was watching it only through the internet. It is a romantic comedy starring one of my favorite Korean actresses, Park Shin-hye as the leading lady, together with Yoon Shi-yoon and Kim Ji-hoon.


The story revolves around Go Dok Mi, a freelance copywriter who lives alone in her apartment and refuses to go outside and mingle with people. Everyday using her binoculars, she steal peeks at a man across her window living in the opposite building. She met this guy one autumn when she was outside and from then on, she started loving him from a distance.

Living in the same building, beside Go Dok Mi’s apartment is Oh Jin-rak. He is a struggling webtoon artist whose latest work “Zombie Soccer” didn’t get through because it was seen as a plagiarized webtoon from the famous Enrique Geum’s video game. So instead of giving up, he proposed a new story to his editor about a modern-day Rapunzel and how her neighbor tries to bring her out to the world. He names the webtoon “Flower Boy Next Door”.

Enrique Geum, a famous video game creator comes back to Korea to play Cupid to his first love and his brother. While staying in his brother’s apartment, he notices someone from the opposite building, sneaking peeks at his window. He was bothered, went to the opposite building and swore to make that person pay for invading his privacy. With that, the story of the real modern-day Rapunzel, Go Dok Mi started to gain new twists as her life becomes entangled with Jin-rak, Enrique and her neighbors.

I love this series because the characters are really cute and funny. I can very well relate to Go Dok Mi. And, you’ll also fall in love with Jin-rak and Enrique. They are two good men. Go Dok Mi is so lucky! Plus, there’s something to watch out for in every episode that it really kept me up all night.


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