Day 19: The Fourth Commandment

Honor your father and your mother

In this age when everything is digital and communication is so convenient, it is ironic how the relationship between children and parents became more distant. Many blame it to the generation gap. There were some who say its because of technology.

I say it’s because of memory.

As we grow up and become independent, many of us became forgetful. We have forgotten to whom do we owe everything that we are right now. Yes, to God but there are some more. Our parents.

Without those two people, you won’t even have the chance to breathe your first or see the colors of the world. A man who took the responsibility, provided for you and gave your name. A woman who nursed you in her womb for nine months, spent sleepless nights attending to your needs and always stood by your side. You call them Mom and Dad.

As Christians, we are taught the Ten Commandments. If you will summarize the ten it will only be like this “Love God with all your heart and soul. And, love your neighbors”. The first three commandments talk about our love for God while the fourth commandment opens the love for neighbors. It only means, we can only love our neighbor by starting the love first at home – with our parents.

There’s no one perfect in this world. Both children and parents commit mistakes and hurt one another at times. But children should never forget the importance of their parents. It’s okay to voice out how you feel, talk back at times however respect should always be there.

No matter what happens, they are still your parents.


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