Day 18: Livin La Vida Maldita

Someone asked me before, “How do you live?”

Since I was young, life was never easy for me. Some people thought I’m someone to be envied for I have things that they don’t have. They’re wrong.

Every single day is a struggle. A battle with the world and myself. Because of that, I learned so many lessons that I’d like to impart to you…

On Leadership

  • Respect is earned not given.
  • Be a good follower to be an excellent leader.
  • Strive for excellence to achieve success.

On Love and Relationships

  • The person who truly loves you will always have time for you. No excuses.
  • It is better to start as friends developed to lovers and end as friends forever rather than begin as lovers turned into friends till you end up as strangers forever.
  • There is no one stupid when it comes to love. It’s just that this person loved too much, too deep and too selfless to see the flaws of the other. 
  • Love can bloom from compassion. But how long will it last? Just like the summer blossoms or an old oak tree? 
  • Hatred is another form of love. 

On Life

  • All people are born with a good side, they are just often driven to be bad because of circumstances.
  • Keep your expectations low but your standards high.
  • Help with all your heart, without asking anything for return.
  • If you can’t decide on something, sleep on it. The following day may give you the answer.
  • Your choice of words always reflects the kind of personality you have.
  • Golden Rule: Don’t do unto others what you don’t want others to do unto you.
  • Never be afraid to ask. Or else, you’ll spend your entire life wondering for the answers.
  • You are the pilot of your life, the writer of your own novel. Fly high and enjoy every chapter.


***More to come for my 30 day blog challenge


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