Day 16: On Mainstream Music

Mainstream music denotes music that is familiar to the masses.

I tried to find the simplest definition for mainstream music and that’s what I got from the web. Mainstream music is music that is well-known to everyone. It is actually what we call Pop Music.

Some people say Pop Music is just a so-so music. It is usually created with just the most basic chords, and simplest lyrics. In other words, it is not as refined as classical music is.

They judge Pop Music that easily but did it ever occur to them what life would be like without it? bminor

One day, you wake up and tuned in to the radio. No music is playing just the daily news and a commercial of some classical tunes. Then, your mobile phone rang with the sound of a unit from ages ago. A shrill irritating sound that you immediately answer it. It’s your friend. She said she’s excited on this concert and insisted you to come with her. You meet up. It’s a performance by a certain chorale and string ensemble. You listen to the melody. Soothing indeed. So soothing that you fell asleep.

You woke up. Your phone is ringing. You looked around and listened well to your phone’s ringtone. You’re so glad that it was just a dream.

Pop music – no matter how good or bad it is done is still music. It is a music that pours out one’s emotions, gives joy, hope and inspiration.


***More to come for my 30 day blog challenge


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