Day 14: Way Way Back

SOS! I think I’ll be needing a time machine here.

What is your earliest memory? Very tough question.

Since the very first time I saw the challenge back in Day 1, I already became bothered by this question. There were so many nights when my mind wandered back to those times when I was still watching Woody Wood Pecker, Popeye the Sailor Man and Mighty Mouse. I dug deeper and deeper but I always go back to another question for every memory recalled before I could even reach a final answer.

What age was I back then?

Unfortunately, I cannot also give an answer to that question. So I’ll give you one unforgettable memory when I was still a little girl. I think I was around 3-5 years old then. I am not certain but I am sure that this memory really happened.


December, sometime in the 90’s…

Mommy and I are sitting inside our light olive green Datsun car. Dad is driving. We just came from Dad’s office in Camp Crame. We’re off to SM Cubao to do some Christmas shopping.

Minutes passed and we arrived in the mall.

I can no longer recall the things we bought but I am certain that there’s a stuff toy in one of those shopping bags. Unlike other little girls, I am not fond of Barbie. My preference is different. I am more fond of cute stuffed animals. I always ask Mommy and Dad to buy me one whenever we go to SM.

We were about to go home when I remembered something.

COD Cubao before dark. Photo courtersy of

COD Cubao before dark. Photo courtersy of

“Daddy punta tayo COD!”

Dad turned the wheel and drove past Araneta Coliseum. We went to this mall called COD not to do another round of shopping but to watch the annual Christmas show outside its building. There are big moving figurines like a toy soldier showing the audience some story. I think it was about the Nutcracker that time. I’m not really sure.

After the show, we went home. As far as I remember, I slept in the car while we were on the way.


The show in Greenhills Shopping Centre at present actually originated from COD. It’s a mall in Cubao whose acronym stands for “Christmas On Display”. Now, COD does not exist anymore and I think was replaced by Puregold Grocery in 2004.

COD was the very first mall in the Philippines to actually do those moving mannequin play. Both COD Avenida and Cubao held the shows. The performances are done from around second week of December and last until the celebration of the feast of the Three Kings.


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