Day 6: My 30 Things

Today, the challenge asks me to write about 30 interesting things about myself. Well, I’m not really sure what’s interesting about me. So, I’ll just give you 30 things about myself. No more explanations. No extra details. Just these 30.

Here we go…

  1. My childhood dream was to be a doctor just like other kids that time.
  2. The first award I received in school is 2nd place Declamation Contest.
  3. My favorite cartoon as a child was Sailor Moon.30-sign
  4. I’m not fond of eating sea foods.
  5. I started writing since I was in fourth grade. First poem I wrote was titled “Alone”.
  6.  My zodiac sign is Cancer. I’m born in the year of the Ox. (Now try doing your Math. 😛 )
  7. I have a collection of card games.
  8. I play the bamboo flute better than the guitar.
  9. I never learned in my swimming lessons.
  10. I don’t like drinking milk.
  11. I prefer Dark chocolates over White chocolates.
  12. Math is my weakest subject especially Algebra.
  13. My first cellphone no. is 09174165335.
  14. My most effective stress-reliever is watching Korean dramas.
  15. I have lots of notebooks with not even a single scribble.
  16. I always sleep facing sideways while hugging a pillow.
  17. My two favorite poets are Pablo Neruda and Lang Leav.
  18. I don’t have a favorite author but I love reading books.
  19. Though I love the cold weather, I hate the illnesses it brings me.
  20. I’m not a man-hater. I just don’t like boys. Know the difference, ok?
  21. Qualities I easily get attracted to in a guy: eyes, smile, body-built and fragrance.
  22. First time I saw an adult film was when I was in fourth grade.
  23. When I was 12, I drowned in a river. All my relatives were just watching, not one bothered to save me except my tita’s bf. Now, he’s my uncle.
  24. I was verbally bullied by my high school classmates despite my popularity.
  25. I was very sickly and almost died when I was a college freshman.
  26. I started earning my own money at the age of 19.
  27. I lived alone and independently for one year to learn to be more responsible.
  28. I am keeping so many unsent letters.
  29. I only cry to people I trust most.
  30. My son brings out the worst and best in me.

*** More to come for my 30-day Blog Challenge


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