Day 4: On Religion and Faith

Have you been to church lately?

If yes, then you might have noticed the small number of people attending the mass or ceremony. If not, then you are part of the huge crowd always missing in action. Well, this is not an entry to reprimand those who are not going to church. Rather, this is an attempt to explain why there is a decline on the population of church-goers.

The last time I went to church, the priest gave a good sermon regarding the RH bill. A very good sermon indeed with some ill remarks to the supporters of the said bill. I was surprised with the foul remarks and even wondered, is this really a priest talking?

Yesterday, I saw a post in Facebook about a certain archbishop blaming the RH bill for the latest disasters that hit the country. Sorry but I really can’t help but swear upon reading this. While other countries are busy gathering relief goods to give to Yolanda survivors, here he is blaming the RH bill. Sorry Father but can’t you just shut your mouth and just pray for the survivors instead?

Do not misunderstand. I am not promoting the RH bill okay? The topic here is not about me being a supporter or not. I respect the opinions of both parties. What I just can’t stand is how the church leaders talk like they are so godly when they don’t even have the slightest hint that what they are saying is actually making them look like hypocrites.

I go to church. Yes. I do at times I feel I have to. I am not a frequent goer but my faith in the Lord is strong. I don’t have to prove it with my attendance. I can prove it in other ways – by doing good to others.

I believe in these days when religion is so mixed-up with politics and business, faith is more important. Faith in God is always what’s left of us at times when everything crumbles.

The church can be destroyed by the strongest typhoon but a man’s faith in God remains.


*** more to come for my 30 day blog challenge


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