Day 2: Ten-Year Travel

December 2, 2013. 7:00 PM.

I sit here at the living room in my home, staring at the monitor of my notebook, thinking what lies ahead for me in the next 10 years.

I’m still a work in progress right now. I said to myself.  How can I possibly know where will I be at that time when right now I’m still planning my life?

I remember the Talecraft deck of cards I’m keeping in my room. There’s a Time Machine card there. Maybe I could use it to fuel my mind and imagine where will I be in 2024.time machine

Cold December wind blew my curtains away from the windows. Lights flickered on and off. The television suddenly became blurred and an irritating noise filled the air. Then, there was the eerie darkness followed by a blinding light. I blinked hard a few times, wondering what’s going on. And to my surprise, I am no longer in my house.

It is still night time and I’m here in this unknown place, confused of what just happened. And hey, I’m all dressed up for outdoors. Pink thick jacket over a white doll blouse, black jeans, boots and a black and pink bonnet. I looked around. The place is giving me a familiar feeling. So I decided to look around.

I realized that I’m at the comfort room. So, I went out and found myself outside a cafe. I peered from the glass and saw two familiar faces sitting at a booth in a corner. The girl is wearing the exact same outfit as mine. And it occurred to me that I’m actually seeing myself.

Unfortunately, I can only see the other person’s back. What I’m only sure of is that he’s a guy because of his built and haircut. I looked at them carefully. They look comfortable and good together. Sipping coffee, smiling and talking to each other.

I thought that maybe I should go inside but decided against it. Instead, I walked away from the window and looked for any signs that can tell where I am.

Then, I felt a vibration in my jeans pocket. I take out a cellphone and immediately noticed the time before reading the text message. 9:00PM. A quick pain shot in my head and I couldn’t help but close my eyes.

When I opened them again, I’m back here at the living room in my home. Staring confusedly at my notebook.

What happened?

I rose from my seat to get a glass of water when a card fell to the floor. I picked it up and saw that it’s back is the same with a Talecraft card. I turned it to face me and discovered…

It’s the Time Machine card.

*** More to come for my 30-day Blog Challenge


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