Three Love Stories: Jane’s preferred ending with Y


“I thought it was clear to him before that if we’re going to have a child I don’t want him to experience what I’ve had with my parents. We’ve talked about it before… but here we are. There he was, talking about things that would bring a gloomy future to us.”

(Blogger’s notice: The ending here was based on the email sent by Jane two years ago… ‘Hope you’ll enjoy it.)

I wonder what’s the occasion. Why should I dress up this much? I glanced at my reflection one last time at the mirror. My hair was ironed straight to perfection. I sported a glamorous look with the help of some make-up and this red dress I’m wearing. I’m glad I was able to photographed myself a while ago. Sayang naman ang pagpapaganda ko kung walang remembrance.

I grabbed my purse. Then, I threw another glance at the mirror and left the room.

The skies are well-adorned tonight, I thought as I continued to ascend the stairs carefully. I took time in every step I made.  I held the banister to make sure that I won’t trip. It would be too embarrassing to lose composure in this outfit. Then, I noticed that something’s missing on my hands.

Shit! I forgot to wear my class ring and the ring that mom gave! Kaya pala, I feel like I’m naked. I must have left them on my table at home. Sighs. Now I’m really uncomfortable.

It’s too late to get them now. So, I just decided to go on without them. When I reached the last step. I can’t help but gasped at the sight before me.

*   *   *

There were small candles in glasses everywhere .  A soft melody was playing in the background. There in the middle was a table surrounded by four pillars decorated with different flowers.  I walked slowly to the direction of the man seated on the table for two. He had his back at me. And even though I can’t see his face, just by looking at his posture, I already know who he is.

When I’m already a few inches by the table, it was only then that I noticed that there’s already a dish waiting to be opened at the table. Am I that late that dinner was already served? I asked myself.  Its lid sparkled as candle lights flickered and danced along with the gentle breeze.

“Hi Gorgeous. You’re late.” said Y as he turned to face me. He was wearing a fake frown on his face.

“I’m not late Sweetie. You’re just too early” I replied coolly and beamed at him.

“Palusot ka pa.” then he smiled.

I was about to take the seat across him when he reached for my hand. He held them for a while and studied my fingers.

“Buti naman at di mo suot ang mga singsing mo ngayon”

“Bakit naman?”

“Coz they don’t go with the outfit, Sweetie. And they won’t go anymore with anything you’ll wear after tonight.”

I was about to fire more questions when he pulled me a bit more and motioned me to sit on his lap. I was quite hesitant but still, I obeyed.

When I was already seated, I can’t help but be mesmerized by his fragrance. My mind started to get clouded even if the wine hasn’t even been served. He wrapped his arms around me, raised my face with one hand and pressed his lips against mine.

The temperature rose even as he stopped kissing me. His right hand started to reach for the lid of the dish on the table. When he opened it, a shining object flashed before my eyes. He took the object and whispered to my ear…

“From now on, I want you to wear this…”

A thousand butterflies started to fill my stomach, all fluttering as if to look for a bigger space. Y was intently staring straight at me and I can’t move. Everything seemed to be frozen. Like only me and Y existed at that moment. I could hear the loud pounding of our hearts.

“Look Sweetie, I’m not asking you… I’m telling you…”

And tears started to gather in my eyes as I listened to him say the words. They were the things I wanted to hear from him long ago. I blinked hard. I won’t cry. I could feel him holding me tight. I closed my eyes to stop my tears from falling.

*   *   *

Slowly, I began to open my eyes. There were no candle lights. No music.

When my eyes finally adjusted to the dim light,  I was a bit surprised to be lying  on the bed with Y sleeping beside me. I paused for a moment until realization hit. So, it actually didn’t happen, I murmured. I must have been so tired after walking around UST and enjoying the Paskuhan. I dreamt too much. Then, I gazed at Y longingly and sighed. I studied him for a while and listened to his snores.

He still snores loudly like the way he used to, I said to myself. And, slowly and gently I planted a kiss on his lips. Careful enough for him not to wake up.

Looking back at the things we went through, I think I won’t be asking for anything more to this man (even if I’m still hoping…). Let time decide for both of us, for what will happen. When all wounds are finally healed, maybe there would be a beautiful beginning that awaits us. But right now, I’ll just enjoy moments like this.

I may not be contented with whatever we have, but at least I am happy that he’s here with me. Call me crazy, but yes, I can still feel anger whenever I recall the things he had done. I also do not trust him fully – whether he’s screwing up with someone else if we’re not together. Yet, I can’t also deny the fact that he’s also the only one who has the power to make me smile, make me excited and bring out my wild side.  Name it, he brings out the best and worst in me.

While I was brushing his hair with my hands, Y opened his eyes a bit. He smiled, gently pulled me closer to him and enveloped me in his arms.

The sun rays are starting to enter the room. I snuggled against Y’s broad chest, my sweet haven. I closed my eyes and said a prayer.

It’s a new day, I whispered to myself.


 – It’s not the end coz I think it will never end…


Next: Jane’s Interview About Y


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