Three Love Stories: The House Arrest


“Ikaw, hindi kita iiwan. Wala akong mahanap na rason para iwan ka eh.”


November 2007.  Friday. It was the date that marked our first year together. Our first anniversary.

Y said he’s not used to celebrating anniversaries but he cooperated well on that day. He texted me and greeted me early in the morning. We agreed to meet later after my work. We’re going to have dinner.

At around 5:45 p.m. I received a text message. It’s from Y. He said that he’s already outside, waiting for me. I told him he’s a bit early. Wait for me and I’ll be out in a while.

I quickly shut down my computer and went to the ladies’ room to change my clothes. Yup, I had clothes prepared for the occasion. A pink spaghetti blouse and a black mini skirt. After changing, I carefully washed my face and applied make-up. When I went out of the ladies’ room, some officemates were teasing me on how dressed I am. I just smiled and told them I have a date.

I went outside and met Y. I was quite disappointed that he didn’t bother to give me flowers (but then, that’s just really the way he is). Still, I’m in such a good mood. I greeted him and smiled. He looked pleased with my appearance then he said…

“Saan ba tayo? Mag-ppropose ka na ba sa akin ngayon?”

I chuckled. Aren’t you supposed to be the one doing that? I thought.

We hailed a cab and I told the driver to take us to Marikina Shoe Expo at Cubao. Y wondered why I was taking him there. When we arrived, I told him that we’ll be eating at Bellini’s. It is a popular Italian restaurant perfect for lovers on a date, an officemate recommended it to me. We entered the restaurant, took our seats and gave our orders. Pasta, pizza, sweet wine, pannacotta and tiramisu.

As we ate, a blind man played the guitar and sang some love songs. It was such a fabulous evening. Very romantic. And the mood grew lovelier when the blind man sang one of my favorites. The song “Is it okay if I call you mine?”

I listened to the song and gazed at Y who was sipping his wine. He gazed back at me, placed the glass down and leaned closer.

“Sweetie… This song… I’d like to dedicate it to you,” he said almost in whisper. Then he winked at me and smiled.

I suddenly felt warm. It must be because of the wine. Or, I think I blushed.

When we went home, we chatted a bit with some acoustic love songs on the background. I slept in his arms and looked forward to the next day. (I planned to hold him at least in the next 36 hours)


The following day, we decided to go out and watch a movie in SM Mall of Asia. It was my first time to go there. We rode a bus and sat on one of the seats at the back. As the bus passed by under a fly-over, we stolel kisses.  Everything felt so right that time.

We watched the movie “Hitman” because there’s nothing good being shown in IMAX. Luckily, one of his favorite actors played the lead role. He liked the movie and I enjoyed it too. Afterwards, we dined at Pupung’s, a Pinoy resto decorated with some comic strips as wall background.

Before going home, we get to watch the fireworks display by the bay. That was the second fireworks we watched together. Very memorable. Watching the spectacles in the skies seemed to bring hope that we’ll stay strong in our next year together and in the other years to come…

Third day of our anniversary celebration. Sunday. Y told me that he had to leave already after lunch. He needs to go to the gym and do some work-out. His body had been missing a lot already. I frowned but a naughty idea crossed my mind.

I know a better way to work-out. I could even help you.  I thought.

So, I took a shower and planned on how to keep him with me for a few more hours. When I’m done, he took his turn. While he’s in the bathroom, I immediately went to the closet and picked out some clothes. Mix and match. I could do this!

I returned to my ritual – putting lotion on my body, etc. then prepared to dress-up for lunch. We agreed to eat out then part ways after. I changed clothes, put on some make-up and sprayed perfume all over. I noticed that Y kept on glancing at me. At last, he couldn’t help it…

“Anong plano mo after lunch? Bihis na bihis ka ah… Me lakad ka?” he asked.

“Wala.  Ayoko lang mapagkamalan na maid on a day-off kaya ganito bihis ko. Baka punta lang ako ng Trinoma, Gateway or Gale. Magkakape lang.”


We went to Starmall where we ate our lunch. I noticed that Y still kept on glancing at me. I smiled secretly. I could sense victory already. I know I’ll win this. After all, I look so smashing and irresistible. That time, I was wearing a white printed tube top over a denim flair skirt. To add some effect, I also put on a black 3/4 sleeves bolero.

When we’re done with our lunch, we went out quietly from the restaurant. We’re about to approach the mall’s exit when Y asked me again…

“Saan mo balak magkape? Sa suot mo, bagay ka ngayon sa Eastwood or Greenbelt eh”

“Di ko pa alam. Sa malapit lang. Either Gale or Trinoma.” I purposedly replied in the hope that he would invite me for coffee.

“Mag-decide ka na andito na tayo sa may exit oh…”

“Bakit sasamahan mo ba ako?”


“Eh di ikaw na mag-decide.”

And so, he accompanied me to Trinoma where we just had some coffee in Starbucks. Yes, he was not able to leave too. He stayed for the night and just left early the next morning.

It was a success. My House Arrest Mission was accomplished. I had my quality time with my Sweetie…


To be continued…


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