Three Love Stories: Meet the Mom


“Do you love me enough to marry me?”

I glanced at him with confusion. Is this a casual question or is he trying to propose?”


April 18, 2007. Wednesday. It was after work and I can’t helped but be anxious. Y told me that he’d like to introduce me to his Mom. Of course, I’d love to meet her but the idea’s really making me nervous. It’s the first time for me to meet my boyfriend’s mom. This never happened to me before, after all.

I retouched my make-up, making sure that it’s not too thick nor very striking. I don’t want to give a wrong impression. I did a last check on how I looked and finally decided to go.

I arrived minutes early from our agreed time. I went inside the bookstore to look around. I texted Y and told him I’m already here. He replied telling me to just go up and meet him. It annoyed me. I told him to come down instead.

I almost went home because he made me wait for so long before going down to pick me up. I don’t know why he doesn’t seem to understand that even though I’m an outgoing person, I still feel awkward at moments like this. I can’t just show up myself to them and introduce myself as his girlfriend especially when the wife of a former boss is there.

Anyway, when he came for me,  I just quickly threw away my bad temper and prepared myself to face his mom. It was so awkward at first especially since his mom and aunt (the wife of my former boss) kept on talking in Cebuano. I studied his mom quietly as I watched the two women. Based on appearance and the way she dress, I could say that she doesn’t look like her age. She seems to be younger. Plus, she moves and talks smoothly which she might have acquired in her profession as a teacher. All in all, I could already see me getting along with her because she seems to be a nice person.  When his aunt left, I began to feel at ease and was able to prove my previous assumptions. Y’s mom is indeed a wonderful woman. And I wished someday she could really be my mother-in-law.

The awkwardness that once surrounded us disappeared. We chatted like old friends do. Then, the three of us went to Metro Walk where we had dinner.

As we waited for our food to arrive, a song gently played in the background. Tattooed in my mind. Y’s mom noticed it and blurted that Y’s ex sings that song really nicely. Then, Y’s mom suddenly became aware of my presence. I felt how tensed she feels so did Y. Then Y said, that I already know about her.

“Okay lang po yun, nabanggit na siya sa akin ni Y,” I agreed. And everything went back to normal.

Still, I can’t help but think why does that girl kept on haunting Y. I mean, everything’s over between them and yet she still seem to occupy a very important spot in his life. I wondered why.

We ate dinner and Y took photos of me and his mom. He seemed so pleased to be with both of us. He kept on smiling the whole night at the sight of me and his mom getting along really well.

Later on, Y and his mom sent me home. In the cab, Y was giving me a bear hug and said, “Ma-mimiss kita”.

His mom was unable to control herself and giggled at our cheesiness. I was a bit embarrassed.

It was one moment in our relationship that I’ll never forget. The first time for me to meet my boyfriend’s mom.


April 23, Monday. Y made a short visit at my place. He said he couldn’t stay for the night because his mom would be waiting for him.

I said that it’s okay and I understand.

He said he miss me. And I guess, you know what happened next.

Then, another first was recorded in our relationship. I really made sure to have it written down in my diary since he hardly does these things (he’s not into formalities too). He said…

“Sweetie… Happy Monthsary!”

It took me a while to respond to him. It seems as though all the noise died down. Everything became motionless. All I could see and hear was only him. And when I was able to recover, butterflies started fluttering in my stomach.

He remembered.

And I felt like jumping out of  my bedroom window to celebrate and shout that he remembered.


To be continued…


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