Three Love Stories: Post Valentine Date


“I miss his company and of course I still love him. His absence has proven that I love him more than before. I miss all the things we used to do together.”


February ended without me and Y seeing each other. It felt like the month was so long. That the 28 days were like 28 years. When March came, Dad also started to cool down. I can already go out without too much questions. So, Y and I decided to meet up.

I was so excited and at the same time anxious to see him. I can hardly decide on what to wear. But I guess I can’t dress up that much or else, Dad might get suspicious.

We agreed to meet at Powerbooks, SM Megamall. It seems I came too early. I started walking around the bookstore and browsed a couple of books. My heart was beating fast and my stomach was doing a flip-flop. This felt worse than our first date.

Y arrived a few minutes later. Then, we left the mall and headed to his boarding house where he had to get some stuff.

When we arrived at his place, I was met with doubtful stares from his landlady and some of his neighbors. We entered his room. He changed his clothes and started cuddling me. We almost got carried away when we heard his landlady screaming angrily at him. I controlled myself from laughing.

His landlady scolded him as soon as we stepped out of his room. It’s a policy there for the males not to bring their girls to their rooms. He politely replied to the old woman and said that she shouldn’t get mad because I’m not even his girlfriend.  I silently complained. Ouch!

We walked away from his place quietly. I hid the mild pain I felt and broke the silence. I teased him on how he handled the situation. He was so polite. So not him. He laughed with me. And, we hailed a cab and decided to pick up where we left off from his room.

We’re back in the room of mirrors. And there, we unleashed the longing we’ve had for each other. Every touch and every kiss were full of hunger. The moans and whimpers didn’t seem enough to make up for the time we were not together. Our flesh were thirsty for each other’s warmth. There’s no room for gentleness anymore for wild actions defined our passions.  And as the rhythm increased its tempo, nirvana draws closer. There’s no stopping… not, till we’re short of breath.

After that blissful union, we cuddled on the bed and coped up with each other. We both hoped for me to get a job soon. We also discussed my concerns about leaving Dad’s place. He supports my idea of leaving but not my plan on moving in at Mom’s. He knows about Mom’s boyfriend.

Then he suggested for me to get my own place like rent a room. Then we planned that it should be close to where he’s staying. so he could easily visit me. And he blurted out, why don’t we just share a place like live together. I automatically refused with the thought that I’d like to marry you first. Instead, I said that it would be more thrilling if we live separately. He agreed as long as my landlady is not strict and that I’ll introduce him as my husband who lives far away.

I smiled in agreement and we both fell silent. In the following minutes, we continued communicating through our actions. Again, we reached cloud nine. And again, we resumed our talk.

This time, things became more serious. He confessed that he felt awkward a while ago when he saw me at the bookstore. I chuckled softly. I shared his sentiments. He continued saying it was all because he felt guilty that he can’t do anything to help me.  That he seemed to have broken his promise to always make me happy.

Tears started falling from my eyes. I didn’t know what to say. A whirlpool of emotions started spinning within me. Longing, pain, and fear…

He said that he’ll be going to Cebu soon. I looked up at him and he asked, “Anong gagawin mo pag di na ko bumalik?”

I shrugged. I don’t know. Tears continued to flow.

All I know right now is that I can’t afford to lose him. He’s the only person now who makes me happy. He’s the only strength I have.

He sensed how troubled I am and said he’ll come back.  He invited me to come with him but I said I can’t. I have to find a job and I’m running out of funds already.

He embraced me tight. I held on to his words. Somehow, I knew that he’ll keep his promise.

Days later, we saw each other again. I sent him off to the airport to Cebu with a prayer hoping he’ll be true to his words…


To be continued…


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