An optimist’s view of ONE-SIDED LOVE

What is one-sided love? This situation usually happens when the love is not reciprocated. This kind of love usually springs from your first love, (celebrity) crush or if you’re in an unhappy relationship.

Many singles have experienced this kind of love and if you’ll ask them about it you’ll notice that there’s a common factor in the answers you’ll get – PAIN. So to make the topic on one-sided love a bit lighter, let’s look at its brighter side. Ready?

The Good Points of One-Sided Love

1. It offers you lots of freedom. You can do whatever you want without worrying about the reaction of the other person. After all, you’re not even sure if you do exist in his /her world.

2. It does not hurt anyone. EXCEPT YOURSELF. How could you possibly hurt the person you love if he/she doesn’t even know you? Unless of course you intentionally hurt him (like hitting him on the head) so that he would notice you.

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3. It is not expensive. In a one-sided love, you don’t have to spend money. It is not required for you to give gifts or celebrate birthdays and anniversaries together. Of course, you also don’t share the date expenses because you don’t even date. 😛

4. It makes you goal-oriented. Because of your hopes that someday he/she would notice you, you become more determined to fulfill that goal. You do all your best and give it your all. Little by little you are not aware that you are transforming into a better person all because of one-side love.

5. It teaches you to be selfless. When you know that the one you love can’t love you back, you still continue loving without expecting anything in return. You started to content yourself just by looking at him and feeling his presence around you. You are satisfied by simply just being near him.

6. It is always challenging. To hide your feelings then one day be able to pour it all out and be prepared for the outcome. You dream of wonderful things and at the same time you also ready yourself for pain and rejection.

7. It strengthens one’s faith. That there is always hope. That there could be miracles. You then pray everyday. That one day he will love you even just half of how much you love him.


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