What to give as a gift

Whenever there’s an occasion, thinking of something to give as a present has always been a bother. If you don’t know the person that much, gift-giving is such a huge problem. Although, if you also know the person that much, gift-giving is still problem since you have the notion that maybe he/she won’t like it or that he/she already has it.

Honestly speaking, I am not also good in choosing things to give as a present. BUT, since I’ve always been through the hassles of choosing gifts all by myself for different kinds of people, I was able to come up with categories that helped me a lot in handling the situation.

When buying something as a gift, I always think of these three categories…

  1. It should be something useful
  2. It should be something worth cherishing
  3. It should be meaningful


As you see, the most practical category where everyone could fit into is number one. Your gift should be something useful. Of course, who would not be able to appreciate something that is fully functional and helpful right? Especially if it’s something that you could use everyday like a  mug, mirror or comb.

However, often times the something useful category loses its appeal when it has always been the same category you use. So, next is the something worth cherishing. This is where customized gifts or hand-made ones enter. If you are artistic, this category suits you well. You could just paint or sculpt something and give it as a gift. It would be very special because it’s not only unique but it also has a personal touch.

My favorite category among the three is the last one – something meaningful. Anything actually fits in this category as long as you could attach meaning to it. How does this work? Symbols. You express what you wish to say through the gift. Example, you give the person a handkerchief because you want to be able to wipe his tears and sweat away. That you want to share with his joys and tears and hardwork. Nice, isn’t it? However, the tricky part is getting the person to realize the gift’s meaning. Let’s say someone gives you a pillow, can you guess what it could mean? So, my suggestion is that if you’re not sure if the person will be able to guess the meaning then just stick to the common symbols available. 🙂

Now there you have it. At least I’ve lessened your burden in figuring out what to give for a gift. Maybe you have some ideas now through the categories I gave you. Also remember, the best gift is something that comes from the heart. Good luck! 😉


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