Three Love Stories: Reasons Why I Shouldn’t Love Y


“But, I was not able to finish the article that time for two main reasons. One, I was distracted by Y’s presence. I don’t know why he has that effect on me… Two, I simply wanted to have dinner with him so I intended not to finish the article.”


Ever since I started to be confused of my feelings towards Y, I always spend my free time thinking why I felt that way and why I shouldn’t.  I thought that through this, I could easily disgard any feelings that’s starting to blossom for him. I tried to make a list in my head of things why I shouldn’t fall for him. After all, it will just be easy to think of them coz I got a boyfriend to be my baseline. Well, I guess I expected that much…

Reasons Why I Shouldn’t Fall for Y

  1. He is too old for me. My boyfriend  is a year younger than me and it has been quite an issue already. What more if I fall for someone who is almost the same age as my kuya? But wait, age doesn’t matter in matters of the heart, right? And… Hey! Why am I already thinking of committing with him? Erase that one…
  2. He is too thin. I want a man who has a well-built body (doesn’t necessarily mean all muscles – biceps, triceps, etc.). That factor is important for me because I believe that a man should be strong and physically capable enough to protect his girl. So definitely, he won’t qualify coz he looks too fragile to fight for me with his built.
  3. He is not fluent in Tagalog. Since he’s from Cebu, it’s difficult for him to talk in Tagalog. When he does, he sounds like he’s barking with a fellow dog. But when he speaks in English, especially on the phone… Damn! He sounds so sexy! Ooops… Delete that one again. (Get a grip Jane!)
  4. He has a lot of girl – friends. Well, I saw his Friendster account and he’s got a lot of girls commenting (flirting) with him. It’s not that I can’t handle the competition (if there would be any), it’s just that I AM POSSESSIVE. When I declare that someone’s mine, I don’t want to share him with anyone. Not that I want him to be mine…
  5. I HAVE A BOYFRIEND. I can’t fall for him coz I’m still in a relationship – even if I hardly see X now. I’m not the type of girl who who does multi-tasking when it comes to having a relationship. I’m not a two-timer and I’m not planning to be one.

So after coming up with a very short  list, what have I found? Was I enlightened? Hmmm… Well, I still do not have any conclusions but I have a theory now. Maybe I’m just attracted to Y because I hardly see my boyfriend anymore. Maybe I long for my boyfriend’s hugs and kisses. And…

Maybe I’m wrong.


To be continued…


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