Random Midnight Musings

So many thoughts before Mr. Sandman’s spell takes effect… There are moments when I could just simply drown all these thoughts away. Vanish them into the black hole in my head where somehow, temporarily, they will be buried till they are needed. Apparently, I cannot do that tonight.

So, I stopped holding back now and just allowed them to pour themselves here… (my apologies for the randomness…)

Liking is so different from loving. You could like a person without the need to love him. And you could also love a person even if you don’t really like him.


It is easy to accept a person you love for what he is. But the biggest question is, can you also love and accept that person for what he can’t be?


Need is different from want.  Need is more on desiring someone or something because you can’t really live without it. Want is on desiring someone or something because YOU THINK you can’t live without it. 


It is amusing how the word apartment can be divided into this: a-part-ment. Though it is short of a letter, it still conveys the same thought. A PART MEANT.


A marriage isn’t only about the ceremony. Marriage is actually the life after the ceremony. And the wedding is just the welcoming party to that life.


People who think they are trying to protect you often get away with: “what you don’t know won’t hurt you.” But people who really care and don’t want you to get hurt will just simply have to hurt you now. It is the best way to do it than hurt you later giving you pain that would result into hating them or hating yourself; or even both.


The biggest destruction one could do is to be selfish. You hide everything. You take all the blame. You hurt yourself. In this process, you are not aware that you are not only destoying yourself but also the people who loves you. In fact, it has greater effect to them than to you.


Silence doesn’t always mean yes. It could also be rebellion waiting  for the right time to take place. 


A random thought is not always random. If you’ll read between the lines and try to decipher every sentence, you’ll realize that there’s a meaning to each of them… A message waiting to be received.


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