Three Love Stories: Friendly Date


“Who is this man in this office? Why does he dress like that and why did he pretend to be shy? He could just simply say “Hi” and introduce himself. Also, why do I get the feeling that I have to follow the ”tenured” ones when they told me to be careful and not to trust him that easily?”


It was two weeks after my birthday when I finally decided to go on a ‘friendly date’ with Y. I didn’t know back then what has gotten into me to accept his invitation. Perhaps it was his persistence in that online conversation we had. He asked me what I think of Pirates of the Carribean, and then invited me to watch it with him. And, he only gave me five mins. to think of my answer. Mind you, he asked me again four minutes after! Very persistent, right?

Anyway, I could still recall how I felt like backing out that Saturday morning when I was still at work. It was a few hours before our time to meet. We agreed that he won’t fetch me in our office anymore. Instead, we will just meet at the convenient store in the building. However, the meeting place changed on the last minute because I wanted to avoid our other officemates from seeing us.

When I arrived infront of the building where we would meet, I couldn’t help but feel weird about the whole set-up. And, I felt even weirder when I, at last, saw Y. I even had a double-take if it was really him. But I wasn’t wrong. So, I stopped my mouth from hanging open from his appearance.

It was really him. He was wearing a see-through printed polo over  black sleeves. And of course, he matched all this with a big black eyewear. If I didn’t look at him more carefully, I would have mistaken him as an asianovela character. He seemed to have copied the looks of Hua Ze Lei of Meteor Garden (especially with his shoulder-length hair). He was dressed so flashy and I suddenly felt dismayed for not dressing well for the date. Well, I just comforted myself by thinking that this isn’t really a date anyway. No big deal.

I approached him and acted cool as though I had just disposed all the awkwardness I felt seconds ago. “Waiting for someone?” I asked him.

We rode a cab and went to Greenbelt where we will eat lunch and watch a movie. As we were walking, he asked me if I’m not really used to holding the hand of a guy during a date. I said yes. But what he didn’t know was that I also felt shy walking beside him who looks so flashy (and he also looks like a bee in his huge eyewear). For the record, it was the first time I felt intimidated because of what I was wearing on a date. I was wearing a mint blue shirt and jeans that I matched with blue denim jacket. A very ordinary outfit. Grrr… I swore that time that it would never happen again.

After having lunch, we checked the schedule of the movie. We were quite early so Y suggested that he’ll just buy the tickets then we go to a coffee shop to chat. I thought it was a good idea.

We ordered two 16. oz of capuccino and hang out at Figaro. To be honest, I felt guilty back then. X was still my boyfriend that time and even though he didn’t greet me  during my birthday and even if we were not okay, it still doesn’t feel right to be there sitting with Y in our favorite coffee shop.

In my attempt to feel at ease, I led the conversation. I talked more than I used to and tried to turn off this guy in front of me. It was my mission for this date not to be repeated again so I must bore him to death. But my plan seems to backfire. Despite my talkativeness, he still looked amused at me. Worse, he was enjoying my self-centered topic. Bad idea.

Time flew away and we were off to watch Pirates of the Carribean. It’s not really the type of film that I would enjoy. But since he recommended it, then fine with me. Besides, maybe when he notices that I’m not pleased with the film, he’ll be turned off.

Inside the cinema house, I started to get nervous. No, I’m not afraid of the dark but I suddenly became aware of what could happen in the darkness of the place. I tried to relax myself but I couldn’t. I began to feel cold and my denim jacket does not help.

I took a sip of the iced tea that Y bought. Ewww… It tastes different . My mind started creating images. I lost control of my imagination and it worsen the negative feelings I got.

When I complained about the drink, Y seemed to have sensed what was playing on my mind. He took a sip from my cup and I felt slapped in the face. What were you thinking, you idiot!, I scolded myself.

I kept quiet and just focused on the film. But I could hear the loud beating of my heart. Darn! This must have been the effect of that huge coffee, I realized.

Suddenly, I felt a tingling sensation by my chest. I’m not sure if it was intentional so I just pretended not to notice how Y brushed his arm against me.

“Are you comfortable?” He asked me. I said yes even if I’m having nervous attacks.

I didn’t get to see the ending of the film because I went to the ladies’ room. When we went out of the cinema, he volunteered that he would accompany me in going home. So, he rode the bus with me.

It was the longest bus ride I’ve ever experienced. He held my hand that time and even if his hand was sweaty, it gave me security and comfort. I don’t know why but it was only then when I felt comfortable. Maybe it was because he said that “friends hold hands. it’s okay…”

When we finally reached the gate of my subdivision, I stopped him. I didn’t want him to accompany me up to my gate. He seemed disappointed (and I tried not to be affected by his reaction at all). He said goodbye and embraced me. It really did surprise me. I was stunned for a moment.

Then, he gave me a quick yet gentle kiss on the lips.

I lost my mind.

It was the first time that someone kissed me on our first date. I wondered then, why is it that my reflexes doesn’t seem to function well? Why didn’t I slap him? Did I like what he did?

After that, I walked home still pondering how it happened. I continued brushing away the incident till I got home. But, it also continued to rewind itself and play all over again in my head.

I slept full of guilt that night. Damn that friendly date we had!


To be continued…


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