Roses and what they say

Long ago, people use flowers as a tool for communication. Though this is no longer practiced, the tradition is still very much alive during special occasions such as birthdays or Valentine’s Day.

So if you plan to send flowers to someone this coming Feb. 14 then you better choose right. For roses, here’s a list of their meanings… (as taken from

  • Red Roses – stand for romantic love. If rose buds, it means first love. If in full bloom, it means “I’m still in love with you”
  • Yellow Roses – formerly symbolize jealousy however, it is now more prominent to mean friendship, happiness in the home, and repentance.
  • White Roses – stand for purity, innocence, loyalty and sincerity.
  • Pink Roses – stand for beauty, elegance, joy and admiration.
  • Orange Roses – symbolize great achievements in one’s life.
  • Peach Roses – convey appreciation and gratitude.
  • Purple Roses – stand for eternal true love.
  • Black Roses – symbolize death and sorrow.
  • Bouquet of white and red roses  – stands for a sincere love.
  • Bouquet of pink and red roses – symbolizes romantic partnership.

Well, those are the meanings of different roses. But if you don’t want to give roses and would like to opt for other flowers, check my short list below… (meanings taken from

  • Azalea – take care of yourself for me
  • Baby’s Breath – everlasting love
  • Camellia – admiration
  • Carnation  – affection, fascination
  • Dandelion – may your wishes come true
  • Gardenia – you’re lovely
  • Iris – faith and hope
  • Lavender – devotion
  • Marigold – comforts the heart
  • Orchid – love, beauty, refinement
  • Petunia – your presence soothes me
  • Primrose – I can’t live without you
  • Spiderflower – elope with me
  • Sunflower – loyalty
  • Sweetpea – goodbye
  • Tulip – fame, charity, compassion, “believe me”
  • Violet – modesty, a chance at happiness
  • Viscaria – will you dance with me?
  • Zinnia – friendship and remembrance

Now’s your chance if you’re shy. Pick those flowers right and let them express what you have inside. Good  luck!  😉


1 Response to “Roses and what they say”

  1. 1 Career descriptions March 22, 2010 at 8:09 pm

    This post was lovely. I never assumed that gifting flowers may also be constituted as a message. I always believed that giving someone red roses was declaring passionate sentiments.

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