Three Love Stories: The Meeting


Maybe through this, I’ll be able to forgive not only him but also myself…

And perhaps, blogging all these would help me stand tall again.

After all, I’m just like every one of you. A girl who believed in love and gave her everything. “


I can barely recall the exact date and time when Y and I first met. All I could remember is that it was somewhere in June 2006. First or second week perhaps…

I was a fresh graduate on my first job. A young and hopeful underpaid employee in a BPO company. But of course at that time, I wasn’t aware of being underpaid. All that matters was to make an impression and to have a successful career. My dream of being in the corporate world has become a reality.

There was a number of newbies like me in our company so we were not really familiar about the ‘tenured’ ones. Four of us were fresh graduates and you could tell that we are all really excited about our jobs.

As part of being a newcomer, I was introduced to the instant messenger named Skype. It’s the tool being used in the company to communicate with each other. I immediately registered and added my new officemates. I studied the interface of this messenger as I was busy chatting with my ‘batchmates’. Then, I caught sight of a visitor…

A man wearing purple long sleeves and black slacks entered the room. He  might not have been that interesting if not for his straight above-shoulder length hair and big black eyewear. I secretly looked at the bright lights at the ceiling to check if they are really on. When I almost blinded myself and was sure that the lights are working, I controlled myself from snickering.

I gathered myself, immediately looked away and concentrated again on chatting. From the corner of my left eye, I saw him stopped on the work station beside mine. He took a seat and opened the computer unit in front of me.

A few moments later he leaned and moved closer to me. He asked…

“Do you have Skype?”

I nodded and gave him my user id. However, he held out his keyboard to me as if motioning me to type it instead.

I moved a bit closer.  Enough for him to have a whiff  of my perfume. Feeling awkward of our distance, I quickly typed my user id and went back in front of my desktop.

A request for a new friend add popped up. I accepted it. Then, a new message came.

” ® Gud AM… Hop U have a fyn day… God Bless..  ™ 🙂 “

Polite as I was, I replied to his greeting. After that, another message from him came, introducing himself.

“I’m Y” his message read. I looked at him and saw that he was extending his hand. I took it. He shook my hand firmly and gave it a gentle squeeze. He repeated his introduction so I gave my name.

“Jane,” I said. Then, we both focused again on our computer monitors.

Another message from him came apologizing for not introducing himself earlier. He said he was shy. I pondered on it for a second. From the way he’s dressed up, he exudes too much confidence. The way he walked brings tension to the air. The word shy doesn’t seem to suit him.

What happened next, I’m not really sure of.  I have no record how our conversation went except that he kept on sending me wrong Polish messages that day. What’s certain was that I found him funny that time. I’ve always wondered “does too much work and stress bring big hideous eyebags that people tend to conceal them with huge eyewears?”

Yet, at the same time, I also found him intriguing. Who is this man in this office? Why does he dress like that and why did he pretend to be shy? He could just simply say “Hi” and introduce himself. Also, why do I get the feeling that I have to follow the “tenured” ones when they told me to be careful and not to trust him that easily?

To be continued…


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