My Top Ten Favorite 2009 Google Logos

We have always been entertained by the different logos that Google has for every occasion. So,  because I was really amused at the logos, I’ve decided to post my 2009 favorites and rate them too.  (Btw, thanks to Google logos I was able to copy the ones I missed)

Here’s the Top Ten… For 1st place, I picked…

The Philippine Independence Day Google logo. For me it was the best since it was able to incorporate the Philippine flag in its official logo. Bravo! And… Mabuhay Google!

For 2nd place…

I chose the Sesame Street Google logos. They really made me look forward to looking at Google everyday that time, guessing who would be the next Sesame Street character in the logo. These logos appeared on Google last November 2009 (probably first week) to commemorate Sesame Street’s 40th anniversary.

For 3rd place…

Tied at 3rd place are the discovery of water on the moon (November 2009) and Perseids meteor shower (August 2009).  I really love these two logos the shooting stars and the moon appear so natural.

For 4th place…

Tied at 4th place are Igor Stravinsky’s birthday Google logo (June 2009) and Giovanni Schiaparelli’s birthday logo (March 2009). These two logos are really very colorful and attractive.

For 5th place…


Tied at 5th place are Mary Cassatt’s birthday logo (April 2009) and Nikola Tesla’s birthday logo (July 2009). Both of these logos are really nice, aren’t they?

For 6th place, I picked Hans Christian Orsted’s birthday logo. The creativity for this one is really impressive.  This was shown worldwide last August 2009.

At 7th place, I chose Galileo Galilei’s birthday Google logo. It amused me that Google was able to incorporate the telescope in their logo.  This was shown worlwide last August 2009.


At 8th place, I picked Jackson Pollock’s birthday Google logo. This logo really got me curious why it’s like that. It was when I discovered that I had to hover my mouse on the logo to know why. Anyway, this was shown last January 2009.

Another tie for the 9th place are the New Year’s Day Google logo(January 2009) and the Earth Day Google logo (April 2009). Both of them are really cute and very environmental.

Last but definitely not the least is the Charles Darwin’s birthday Google logo at the tenth place. This shows the evolution theory, I believe. Anyway, this was shown last February 2009.

Well, I may not have chosen as my top ten some logos but I’ve decided to include them too. Here they are…

Shown above are the other Google logos.

Above (right): The invention of bar code (October 2009)

2nd row (from left to right): Google’s 11th birthday (September 2009) and Halloween (November 2009)

3rd row (from left to right): Samuel Morse’s birthday (April 2009) and Valentine’s Day (February 2009)


These logos were shown during the Christmas week of 2009.

Well, we hope to see more of Google’s amusing logos these 2010.

Cheers! 🙂


1 Response to “My Top Ten Favorite 2009 Google Logos”

  1. 1 urbanwitch January 4, 2010 at 7:33 pm

    I also like your Top 3 logos. 🙂 They’re really nice!

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