Three Love Stories: Jane’s interview about Z


“There’s no chance for us Z. We’ve had our chance before but we didn’t take it. Maybe masyado tayong naduwag for the consequences. Or maybe, we treasure each other too much that we’re afraid that we might hurt each other too”


Well, I’m back again. Whew! Nabitin ako sa kwento ni Jane at ni Z ah. So as always, i-chit-chat din natin ulit itong si Jane about kay Z. Nakakaintriga kasi na bakit ganoon ang ending. Akala ko pa naman… Oh well, let’s start.

Me: Ang ikli naman ng kwento ni Z. Yun lang ba talaga yun?

Jane: Yup. Hindi ko naman kasi naging bf si Z. So, walang gaanong kilig moments kaya napabilis ang ending.

Me: Akala ko kasi nag-confess ka ng feelings mo sa kanya. Yun pala it would be the other way around in your ending. By the way, didn’t you have a chance to do it?

Jane: Ang daming chances pero di ko ginawa eh. Saka there’s this thought that I might scare him away.

Me: Then, bakit ganoon ang ending mo for Z?

Jane: Kilala ko si Z. Matalino siya. Alam kong alam niya na minahal ko siya. So, I created an ending wherein he admits that he knew about it all along.

Me: Kung ganoon, bakit di mo binigyan ng chance si Z sa ending?

Jane: Like I’ve said before, I want Z but I don’t intend to make him mine. Besides, it seems that he’s too late already. He will just make my life more complicated.

Me: Paanong complicated?

Jane: Malalaman mo yan sa kwento ni Y. 😉

Me: Answer me honestly. Do you still love Z?

Jane: If I say I don’t, it would make me a hypocrite. But I suggest that you re-phrase your question with “Do you still love him like you used to?”

Me: Sige nga. Do you still love him like you used to?

Jane: Not anymore. I can’t deny that there’s still a tiny amount of love for him lingering in my heart. But it’s not as strong as it was before. I was able to erase Z when X came. Love doesn’t fade and so does my feelings for him. Though, it became weaker because there’s nothing to nurture it. Only memories of unrequited love.

Me: Ok. Medyo na-tensed naman ako sa usapan. Hehehe… Balik tayo dun sa ending. Bakit nga pala biglang nagkape si Z? You mentioned sa’kin dati na di siya nagkakape then bakit ginawa mo ganun?

Jane: It’s to emphasize my point that people change. Alam ni Z na minahal ko siya for almost my entire life and yet he played dumb about it. Meaning he lived up to his decision of ignoring it. Tapos bigla na lang nagustuhan na niya ako just because of what his gf said. That’s quite shallow for me.

Me: May point ka dyan. Pero yung kiss sa dulo, does it mean anything? Does it mean na hindi susuko si Z and will still pursue you?

Jane: Nope. It just means that he finally had the courage to admit his feelings but at the same time he’s letting go too.

Me: Awww… Pansin ko ang haba ng ending ni Z. And puro seryoso yata ang story tone nina X at Z. Ganoon din ba ang kay Y or mas matindi pa?

Jane: Well, it’s for you to find out…

Me: Asus… para namang showbiz ito! Hahaha… Dahil si Y ang last, siguro naman mas enjoy ang story niya.

Jane: Yan ay kung kakayanin mong i-blog ang story namin ni Y.

Me: Oo naman. Kaya yan! Hindi naman siguro ako ma-MTRCB noh…


Next: The Story of Y


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