Great Reads for the Halloween

It’s another important event for the last quarter of the year. Yep, it’s Halloween.

Halloween is not actually just a time for costumes and parties. It is also a time to remember the departed loved-ones and to value those that we still have. So, in case you are just stuck at home and can’t go to the province to visit cemeteries due to bad weather, why not read?

I have here some recommended books that would really fit the season. A thriller type and a humorous ghost story. Well, don’t underestimate them for they are written by Best-Selling authors: Dan Brown and Sophie Kinsella. Now, allow me to give you the titles and a short summary.

The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown

the_lost_symbolRobert Langdon, the famous Harvard symbologist has received an invitation from his friend Peter Solomon to deliver a lecture in the National Statuary Hall at the U.S. Capitol. Since Peter is his friend and mentor, he went to Washington D.C. without any idea that his trip is not just an ordinary visit. When he arrived, he was more than shocked by what greeted him. There were no audience at all for the lecture and the severed right hand of Peter is there at the place, tattooed and transformed as the Hand of Mysteries. From there, a series of events took place and a lot of puzzles surfaced. Will Robert Langdon be able to solve the mysteries and save his friend? And who is this tattooed man who kidnapped Peter?

Know more on The Lost Symbol here >>

*  *  *

Twenties Girl by Sophie Kinsella

TwentiesGirlLara has been undergoing the gloomy days in her life. Everything has been going beyond her control from her relationship with her boyfriend to her newly-launched head-hunting business. So she thought that because of these stress, she has been starting to see things like a ghost. But, she’s wrong. Sadie, her great-aunt has come to seek her help. They have to find a necklace who has been in Sadie’s posession for more than seventy-five years. Sadie said that she couldn’t rest without it. And so, the hunting and haunting began. As they go into the journey in finding the necklace, they started to discover things about love, about each other and most important, about their family.

Know more on Twenties Girl here >>

Have a great weekend. Enjoy reading!


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