Three Love Stories: Matchmaking FAIL


“Seniors’ Prom. Isa ito sa mga most memorable moments ko ng high school. Pero ito rin yata ang isa sa mga biggest regrets ko. Ilang beses ako niyaya noon ni Z na sumayaw pero tinanggihan ko siya…”


Bihira na lang kami magkita ni Z noong college kaya kapag may pagkakataon para magkasama kami, I always grab it. Kaya naman nang minsan mag-text siya ng hatinggabi, di ako nagdalawang-isip na mag-reply. Ang kaso… iba na ang sumagot sa text message ko.

“Hi, I’m Gerry, Z’s frend. He’s drunk ryt now so his cel s wid me.”

Worried as I was for my friend, I didn’t even think twice whether I should reply or not. Apparently, I didn’t know back then that this text message exchange would be the start of Z’s role of playing Cupid to me and his friend.

Well, dahil kaibigan ko nga itong si Z, nagtiwala ako sa taste niya and inisip ko rin na baka through this Gerry ay magawa kong kalimutan na ang feelings ko kay Z. So, I met up with Gerry and went out a few times with him.


First meeting with Gerry… I texted him to wait for me in front of my college’s entrance which is katabi ng library. At dahil gusto kong malaman kung anong hitsura niya bago ako makipagkita sa kanya (baka kasi magbago isip ko pag nakita ko hitsura niya), nag-stay ako sa library, sa may windows and looked for him. Unfortunately, my plan failed.

So lumabas ako at di ko alam na nakasalubong ko na pala siya. When we finally met, I did my best to hide my disappointment. May tiwala ako sa taste ni Z pero di ko akalain that he would fail. Though, I still gave him the chance and said to myself na baka ok naman siya.


Gerry is a year older than me. He is short and chubby. And, this really made me feel awkward  to walk beside him when I’m wearing heels. No, don’t get me wrong, I’m not mean.  Hindi lang talaga ako sanay makipag-date sa isang guy na mas matangkad ako. Most of the guys I’ve dated are taller than me.

So why did I dated him?

Call me insane but I thought that dating Gerry is the only chance I could have to be with my bestfriend again…

And mukhang nahalata nga iyon ni Gerry.

I became the so-called “first lady” of the coach for the Commerce’s  debate team where Z is a member. I attended their trainings sitting beside Gerry while secretly gazing at Z. But when training is finished, parting became so hard for me. I wanted Z to accompany me in going home since my destination is just on his way too. But he would always insist  for Gerry to accompany me instead.

And so it went on until one night while on cab, Gerry did something that really turned me off.

He forcedfully tried to kiss me. Luckily, we are not of the same height and I was able to avoid him. I could still recall his big mouth that tried to devour me. Very creepy. I even thought I would have nightmares.

So, I texted Z and informed him. He replied with a laugh and said I was so conservative.

Well, sorry, I thought. I wasn’t just being conservative. I just really don’t like your friend. And why do you have to give me to another, when it’s you that I want?

*sighs* I wished I could said that to him, I thought as I stared at my cellphone.


To be continued…


1 Response to “Three Love Stories: Matchmaking FAIL”

  1. 1 sorting hat October 20, 2009 at 9:27 am

    What a funny guy, both Z and gerry, I mean…And what track record Jane has in guys! Can’t make my mind up if it should be pitiful or riotous…

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