Our Island Cove Adventure

It is Raj’s first birthday and because we wanted to make it special, we decided to divert from the usual kiddie birthday parties. Yeah, you’re right. No Jollibee, McDonald’s, clowns and magicians. Instead, the three of us – me, Raj and his dad, went to Cavite to have some fun in Island Cove Hotel and Leisure Park.

From Manila, the trip to Island Cove would  take about two to three hours depending on the traffic situation. We arrived there at around lunch time so we filled our stomachs first before checking in at the hotel.
We board on an electric-powered tram which took us to our preferred dining venue which was the Fishing Village. We agreed to have our lunch there then we’ll have the dinner later on the other restaurant which is Sangley Point.

Food in Fishing Village was great. The grilled catfish was served fresh and crispy. The sizzling sisig was appetizing and so is the ensaladang talong. Not only did we enjoy the food but also the ambience and soothing atmosphere brought by the waters surrounding the place.

Enjoy fishing and dining. Seafoods served fresh here.

Enjoy fishing and dining. Seafoods served fresh here.

After enjoying a delightful lunch in Fishing Village, we checked in and took a nap. Then we went to Oceania Park where the swimming pools and slides are located. We had a quick swim then head off again to the hotel and prepared ourselves for a dinner in Sangley Point.

The following day, we went to Animal Island. There we saw different kinds of animals. From the very tamed ones to wild ones. We explored the place through a calesa (horse-drawn carriage). 

Before riding the calesa, however, we already spent some time in the Petting Zoo which was located just beside the Zootique near the entrance. When the calesa came for our tour, we went to the Aviary and Butterfly farm. As much as I wanted to shoot some photos at the butterflies, I just can’t seem to catch them. So, I just didn’t. Anyway, after that, we proceeded to the cages of other animals like the tiger, ostrich and bear cat.

And so we rode the calesa again and was transported to the last stop which is the monkey and crocodile farm. According to the staftf, there are 157 crocodiles in the farm. These crocodiles became so many just because they were being bred there. Also, there are lots of ostrich in the Animal Island, I just wasn’t able to ask their total population. Anyway, it’s in crocodile farm where we took photos and got a chance to hold the crocodile.

To be honest, I never really planned of holding the crocodile. But because of a few teasing, I got convinced and even had some photos taken as I hold the croc. Well, just have a look at the gallery above for the evidence.

Noon came and we had our lunch again at the Fishing Village. There, the staff serenaded us with the song “Close to Heaven”. After that, they also sang “Happy Birthday” for the celebrant, Raj.

It was a great experience staying at Island Cove Hotel. The accommodation, ammenities and foods are fabulous. The rates are affordable. I bet families would enjoy having a break in this not-so-far from the city hotel.

And so, I’d like to extend my gratitude to the staff and management of Island Cove Hotel and Leisure Park for the warmth and friendly service. We had a wonderful stay. Thanks a lot… 🙂


*** Island Cove Hotel and Leisure Park can be found at Binakayan, Kawit, Cavite, Philippines, 4104. Check their site here >>


3 Responses to “Our Island Cove Adventure”

  1. 1 ELIment August 24, 2009 at 7:39 pm

    Huwaw! This place is really great. I hope i can visit it personally so that i can enjoy those stuff

  2. 2 Phuket Hotels August 26, 2009 at 1:13 am

    Thank you for information.Nice Post.

  3. 3 shylove October 26, 2009 at 8:04 pm

    Great article, I like this that your post! enjoy and i think i agree with you. cheer 🙂

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