The Truth About Men

(Warning: This blog post might burn you. Don’t ask why. Also, some ‘obscene’ words might exist. My apologies. )

Women’s Day and Mother’s day have long been over. But,  this entry is not really a tribute to mothers. Instead, this entry is to empower women. Yes. An entry to uplift the morale of those women who made their worlds revolve around only at their man.

Enough of the mushy stuff and fantasies ladies. Let’s face it. Nowadays, men give love to have sex while women give sex to have love. Unfortunately, in the process both parties become satisfied but as time goes on, changes occur. Men get tired of the missionary and women become bored of cold kisses and “i love you”. FAIRYTALES END.

What happens next? The girl cries for a long time grieving over a lost love and shattered dreams of marriage and happy family. The guy? Well, he would be quiet for some time. Then go look for another, screw up, compare the previous with the present and then share his escapades to the world. BRAVO!

The cycle continues until the man is stopped because one of the girls he fucked apparently became pregnant. He would then ask for Divine Intervention on what he should do. Usually, only 20% of men in this situation face the responsibility. The rest, never mind.

So what am I trying to point out here… First, seldom in this planet will you find a man who would take a relationship seriously. At some point, his true colors will reveal. Believe it or not, he just wants some orgasm. Once he releases those sperms of his, everything’s done. You’ll then realize that you have become a prey to his carnal hunger.

Second, don’t give your all. At present, you might think that this man is the RIGHT ONE. That he will be a good husband and a great father to your children. NEVER EVER BELIEVE 100% in that kind of fantasy. Your mind is just clouded right now because of some unexplained chemical reactions or adrenaline rush when you’re with him. When you break up, you’ll find yourself cursing him, and killing him over and over again in your mind. Perhaps you even thought of emasculating him. Putting a dot to his happiness.

Lastly, you deserve the BEST and obviously, it’s not him. Men who treat ladies like toys are monsters. They take advantage of females and devour them heartlessly. They don’t deserve even a single teardrop from you. These ASSHOLES might think you are stupid because you gave in to their ‘charms’. But you know what, they are worse than what they think of you. Yes, worse than stupid because they are IDIOTS. IDIOTS who are guided by the arousal of their dicks and not by their heads. At the end, these men regret their deeds but continue to do the same things again. Tsk! Is one destroyed life not enough? Or you are just really proving that you are indeed an ANIMAL and not a human being?

So ladies, don’t let your world revolve only to your man. (Who knows… he might not even belong to you!) After all, most of the men out there are self-centered beasts who only cares about sports and sex. Life is so short. Cultivate yourself by flourishing your talents and  broadening your knowledge. Enjoy your youth.loser

And to the men out there, especially to the ‘lucky ones,’ SHAME ON YOU! (See the image  here, that’s for you too!) You have been born out of a woman. You have a mother, sister, aunt, grandmother and female relatives. Think. How would you take it if one of your female loved-ones became a victim of your kind? Your sister or your daughter perhaps?

What will you tell your children when they ask why they have different moms? Why you and their mom are not living together? How will you make a young mind understand the mistakes you’ve done because of your carnal escapades?

Think. Think hard.


2 Responses to “The Truth About Men”

  1. 1 administrator October 23, 2011 at 2:29 pm

    Hi….i realize you may have had a painful experience with a guy such as described above… 🙂 you may be right, there really are many boys out there who treat girls as trophies and are only after sex,,,, but I encourage you to still have faith in mankind…lol… 🙂 Culture and media bombards men to be energized by sex, the validation of having them be called macho men adds also, and the wrong mindset of what really a man is deprives them the courage to man up and fight for the girl that they would have to be with for forever…

    But I say, few good men are out there taking steps on the journey for real manhood that focuses on character not on cars and charms, lasting marriage not on temporary orgasms, and family more than flirting. So why all the hatred? 🙂 Cheer up! Again, have hope in mankind.. 🙂

    • 2 hermalditaness October 25, 2011 at 2:54 am

      Hello there! Thanks a lot for sharing your thoughts. Lately, a lot of people have been inspiring me to take even just a tiny step of courage to trust men again. I’ve reflected and I guess its unfair if I will really close all doors and windows to them. It’s true, there are a number of men out there that are still good-natured and I’d be delighted to even just meet them.

      So. consider this as my official declaration of my first step to change views on men. Not that I really hate them before. Just a particular few. Now, I wish to go on. Have faith. And, give men and even love another shot. Wish me luck! 🙂

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