10 Easy Ways to Make Mother’s Day Special

Tomorrow is Mother’s Day and I know that some of you there still haven’t thought of anything yet for the event. I know that you’re probably thinking that Mom’s are hard to please. Well, guess what. They are not. So, let me share you some simple ways to paint a smile on your Mom’s face this Mother’s Day…

  1. Breakfast in Bed. It’s Sunday. Don’t let your Mom wake up early to cook for you. Deliver a breakfast in bed for her.
  2. When was the last time you said “I Love You”? Leave a note on her bedside with a floHappy Mother's Daywer (preferrably her fave.) telling her how much you love her.
  3. Create a greeting card with her teenage photo in it. Place a message “So, this is where I got my good looks. Happy Mother’s Day to the World’s Most Beautiful Mom.”
  4. Have a date with her. Watch a movie together then eat in her favorite restaurant. Your treat of course!
  5. Plan with friends to send your Mom a text message every hour telling her what a great mother she is. Be the last one to greet her (before dinner).
  6. Buy a pack of her favorite chocolates. Leave three pieces on each spot where she usually stays in the house. Place a three-word phrase message on every group of chocolate (i.e. “I love You”, “You’re my Idol” “World’s Best Mom”) and make sure you specified that it’s addressed to her.
  7. Be the chef for the day. Prepare a wonderful dinner for your Mom. If you know how to bake, it’s good if you could make a cake too.
  8.  Attend the Mass together. It’s one great way to bond and renew your relationship too.
  9.  For artists out there, you could compose a short poem or song for Mom. Read or sing it to her after dinner.
  10. Have a field trip. Take her to places she’s never been (just be sure that these places are just near – i.e. Manila Ocean park, La Mesa Eco Park). Don’t forget to bring a camera to preserve the moments.

Well, I hope you find some ideas here to be helpful. Enjoy the weekend. 😉

Happy Mother’s Day! 🙂


1 Response to “10 Easy Ways to Make Mother’s Day Special”

  1. 1 Ax May 13, 2009 at 9:03 pm

    although late, happy mothers day to all moms out there in the whole wide world universe.

    because the one who rocks the cradle, rocks the world!

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