Three Love Stories: Out of the Picture


“No, I should not regret anything. It was a sacrifice I had to make  to ensure that their friendship was intact. Even though I had to take myself out of the picture.”

Two days have passed since my graduation day and here I am, feeling so bored here in the house. Not only that, but also irritated on my current situation. I said I shouldn’t regret what I’ve done but then it seems that I’m about to eat my words already.

During my graduation, I texted and invited X to have dinner with me and my parents. He refused because he was shy and he was with Chynna. Then at that night, he texted me that he’s going to my house. He was drunk.

These past few days, he was always drunk and was always with Chynna. He was like that ever since he learned about Audrey’s illness. I tried to understand him. But sometimes, I can no longer bear what he was doing. And yes, there were times when I started doubting him especially since he was always with Chynna. And since then, Audrey has started drifting away from me.

Last night while I was drinking a can of San Mig Light to help me sleep, I figured out that maybe I should really cut what’s between me and X. That everything isn’t really working out. We don’t even know what’s the status of our relationship.


It was after lunch when I decided to get out of the house and watch a movie. Yup, watch a movie alone. Nakakasanayan ko na nga yatang gawin ito. So, I went to SM Fairview and bought a ticket of a certain chick flick. Medyo napaaga ako ng dating for the start of the movie kaya naman nag-ikot-ikot muna ako sa department store.

I was looking at a cute blouse when my cellphone buzzed. It was a message from X. “Musta n kya ang Ai  ko? Wer u nw? Ms u. Ingats.”

I hesitated if I should reply. But at the end, I still did. “hr @ d mall. about 2 wtch a muvi”

“Cno ksama mo, Ai?” he replied.

Just I, me and myself :)”

“bkit d mo sbi? sna nsamahan kta. mas msarap mnuod muvi may ksma. mlamig p nman s cnehan.”

“bkit? anu nman gwin mo pg gninaw ako? hug mo ako?”

“oo. d lng kta hug, kiss p kta.”

“ayoko nga.”


gus2 ko pg kiss mo ako, i’m oficially ur gf”

“hmmm… mtindi yan ah. lam mo nman situation ntin db?”

“I know…”

“Ingats k dyan ha. txt me pg-uwi mo. luv u.”

The movie I watched was funny. But somehow, tears rolled down my cheeks while I was watching. I felt so alone with all the lovers surrounding me here at the balcony. Wrong choice of spot. I should have bought a ticket for the lower seats instead.

To be continued…


3 Responses to “Three Love Stories: Out of the Picture”

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  1. 1 Topics about Love-stories » Blog Archive » Three Love Stories: Out of the Picture « Her MALDITA-ness Trackback on April 29, 2009 at 4:17 pm

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