Three Love Stories: Girl Talk


“He gazed at me waiting for my answer. I wanted to say that I felt the same for him. Kaya lang dumating na yung jeep. I had to go, I said. Tinalikuran ko na siya para sumakay ng jeep when he gently pulled my arm. I turned to him and was surprised with  the swift brush of his lips against mine. Then he released me and pushed me carefully to the jeep. I climbed the steps like a robot with melting knees.”

The silence is deafening. People around are very noisy celebrating the end of the final exams and yet the silence among me, Audrey and Chynna is just so unusual. Here we are at Asturias near “Love Lites” trying to celebrate and sort out things that happened between us.

“Jane, ano na? Magsasalita ka ba o aalis na ako?” Chynna suddenly said.

Before we sat ourselves in front of this mini-grocery, we agreed to talk and yet it seemed that no one has the guts to start the conversation. I drew a deep breath and took a gulp of my San Mig Light. Audrey sighed heavily.

Chynna abruptly stood up. Took one last gulp of her Colt 45 and asked Audrey to go. My heart started racing fast. Then I stopped them.

We talked about my feelings for X. Tears poured down that night. Even Audrey was crying because she felt guilty for what happened to me and her cousin. For a possible relationship that has ended way before it even started.

Then, I made a promise to cut connections with X.


I can’t bear looking back at that night again, I said to myself as I stopped the flooding of memories. I had to stop it before it reached the worse part.

No, I should not regret anything. It was a sacrifice I had to make  to ensure that their friendship was intact. Even though I had to take myself out of the picture.

I gazed silently at Audrey who was sitting next to me. I tried to protect her friendship with Chynna but it looked like I failed. Because, here we are sitting together waiting for her cousin to come.

Her cousin, X…The real reason why Chynna acted weird. Why she wanted me to end my connection with him. why I lied that I don’t text him anymore. Why she got furious when she learned it. Why she is jealous and started to make weird things like making fun of my photo.

“Jane, you think Chynna has gone mad?” Audrey asked.

I paused. “No. I think she just lose control and made a sudden decision”

“Hmmm… I don’t think so. I think, she’s just jealous of you.”

I didn’t answer anymore. Thankfully, X came. He was curious what happened. We showed him the photo and shock registered on his face. Then he laughed. And then got serious.

He examined the photo. Shook his head and remained silent. I know that he knows something but doesn’t want to say anything. Then…

“I think your friend got some attitude problems. Anyway, let’s not worry about her anymore. Just be careful of her. Let’s get out of here and get something to eat.” X said.

X led the way to McDo so Audrey and I had the chance to talk. She couldn’t believe what Chynna did. And I can’t tell her that Chynna is madly in love with her cousin. All she knows is that Chynna liked him.

“Like I said, maybe it was just because she lose her temper,” I explained.

She looked at me. I know I still wasn’t able to convince her. She just shrugged.

And, I knew I was right.

To be continued…


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