Three Love Stories: Again


“I have nothing against you Jane. In fact, I like you for my cousin. At least kilala kita. Ang ayaw ko lang naman yung ginawa niya eh. He was so unfair.”


“So, gumaganti ka sa kanya through me?”


It’s already 12 midnight yet I still felt so awake. It was so hard to sleep after all those things that happened a while ago. Everything was so heavy for my head. I couldn’t think right and at the same time there seem to be lots of butterflies fluttering inside my stomach.

Kung bakit pa kasi nagkita pa kami ulit… I murmured.


It was almost six in the evening when X arrived together with DJ. Medyo okay na noon si Audrey so instead of taking her home immediately, tumambay na muna kami sa Chowking. We ordered dinner and ate amidst the tension and awkwardness. Then…

“X, wag muna tayo umuwi. Lakad-lakad muna tayo,” yaya ni Audrey.

Napatingin si X kay DJ then I caught him stole a glance at me. He paused for a while before finally deciding to grant Audrey’s request. Pumasok kami ulit sa UST while Audrey was holding X’s arm. DJ and I followed them while chatting about random things.

When we came near the main building, Audrey looked behind us. “O, nagkakasolohan na yata kayo dyan ah,” she teased. “Sige ka DJ pag pinormahan mo yan si Jane, lagot ka dito sa pinsan ko”

DJ laughed loudly while I find no words to say. “Talagang lagot ka sa akin DJ. Mamaya tayo ha…” X suddenly said while winking at me. Audrey laughed along with DJ and I just tried to flash a smile.

We reached the grandstand and ran around the field like kids. The good thing about it is that the tension was broken. We played until the guard came and shove us away.


We accompanied Audrey on the way to her boarding house. Then only the three of us were left. DJ, X and me. Sinamahan nila ako hanggang sa sakayan ng jeep sa may Dimasalang. While waiting, X talked to me.

“Musta na?”

“Ok lang.”

“Buti naman nakita ulit kita. Miss na kasi kita…”

He gazed at me waiting for my answer. I wanted to say that I felt the same for him. Kaya lang dumating na yung jeep. I had to go, I said. Tinalikuran ko na siya para sumakay ng jeep when he gently pulled my arm. I turned to him and was surprised with  the swift brush of his lips against mine. Then he released me and pushed me carefully to the jeep. I climbed the steps like a robot with melting knees.

“Ingat ka ha. Text mo ako pag nakauwi ka na.” X said.

DJ was grinning widely while X had his sweet smile glued on his face. I couldn’t respond to what’s happening. I only gained my composure back when I already transferred to an FX on the way home.


I still couldn’t sleep. It was just a quick kiss and yet it felt like the touch of his lips lingered and left a mark. I should stop this thoughts already, I told myself.

I rose from the bed and went down to get a drink. 

Nothing changed. Everything’s still complicated, Jane. I whispered.

I was about to go back to bed when I saw my cellphone. May messages pala. I read them and stayed glued to the last of the eight that I received. A message from X.

“Hop nkauwi k n. Mishu. Ingatz. Luv u. Muah!”

With that, I felt the butterflies fluttering again in my stomach. I guessed it would be another long sleepless night that will be sealed with a short sweet dream in the morning. 

To be continued…


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