Pixlink: Globe’s All-New Media Files Back-up

SIM Blocked? Tsk! Lost Phone? D*rn! No media file back-up? HOLY CRAP!

It’s just really so annoying when you lost your phone and failed to create a back-up of all those precious photos in your memory card. You feel like losing your sanity, regretting over the loss of those videos, and pictures. You keep on blaming yourself for being so stupid while crying over spilled milk.

 Well, I’ve got some good news for you.


Pixlink Beta by Globe Telecom

No, you can’t retrieve what you’ve lost. BUT. You can prevent those kind of situations from happening again through the help of Globe Telecom’s All-New Pixlink Beta. Pixlink Beta allows you to create a backup, share and publish the photos and videos from your phone. How?

It’s very easy. First, you must be a Globe subscriber (Prepaid or Postpaid). Then, all you have to do is go to the site and join. Choose your phone make and model. Also, register your mobile number. Afterwards, you have to wait for a message to be sent to your phone. It will direct you to a wap site where you can download the application that will enable you to upload your pictures and videos, hassle-free.

The Good

Pixlink guarantees you with easy back-up and storage for your files. Once a member, you can upload your  media files (photos and videos) from your mobile phone to the web. Plus, in Pixlink you can also synchronize your files.

Have the liberty of conveniently publishing your photos and videos in your favorite sites like YouTube, Friendster, Facebook, Flickr, etc. Widgets to be embedded in other sites are available too.And, you have the option to make your files private or public.

The Downside

Once your subscription expires, all your files will be deleted. Subscription rates are as follows: P30 (one day), P60 (2days) and P120 (5days). So, if you run out of load, better be sure that your media files won’t get lost till you back them up again.

Another thing, some phone units are not compatible with the application. (Check now if your phone is compatible!) Most phone units available are the latest releases. I hope they could do something about this. And lastly, Touch Mobile (TM) subscribers, can’t avail of this application yet. Maybe soon.


1 Response to “Pixlink: Globe’s All-New Media Files Back-up”

  1. 1 Ed April 13, 2009 at 8:26 pm

    Hi I’m doing some research on social media innovations, and I would like hear more about what you think about PixLink. You may reach me via my email.


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