Three Love Stories: Against All Odds


“Well, I admit, magaan ang loob ko sa kanya. Kung dati inis ako sa kanya, ngayon hindi na. Actually, I like him. But my latest discovery is quite frightening. I. AM. IN-LOVE. WITH. HIM.”

It’s two days before our agreed date and here I am, waiting for him…

Haay… Buti na lang at hindi mataas ang sikat ng araw ngayon. And buti na lang dito kami nagkita sa may bandang grandstand. Wala akong gaaanong kakilala na napapadaan dito. Malabo rin na makita kami ni Chynna dito ni X. Ano ba yan? Para naman kaming may forbidden love affair nito. Hirap naman kasi… Love ni Chynna si X. Tapos may complications din pala kay Audrey.

Anyway, ano kayang pag-uusapan namin? Nothing serious pa naman siguro. Sabi niya naman sila muna mag-uusap ni Audrey. He needs to talk with that cousin of him. Audrey should be the first to know (after me) about his feelings for me. Para na kasi silang magkapatid. Tindi ng bonding. Kung tutuusin, minsan nga mapagkakamalan mo silang mag-boyfriend dahil sa sweetness nila at selosan.

I was still busy thinking about Audrey and X’s relationship when he came. I could recognize him right away because of his posture and well-built body. My thoughts abruptly died and it felt as though, for a second or two, the world became motionless.

What is it with this guy that made me easily fall for him, I asked myself. He’s not dashing like Brad Pitt nor drop-dead handsome like Tom Cruise. Yet, he has this certain appeal that melts my heart. And I bet, some females noticed it too for a few heads turned when he walked my way.

“Hi. Kanina ka pa ba dito?” he asked with his signature sweet smile. My heart skipped a beat. Right then and there, I knew, I am his.

“Di naman. Anong oras ba usapan nyo ni Audrey?” I asked habang umiiwas makipag-eye contact sa kanya (What’s with me?! I can’t look at him! I screamed at myself. Umayos ka nga Jane!)

“Three o clock pa naman. So, may two hours pa tayo. Anong plano mo?”

“Wala eh. Ikaw?”

“Tambay na lang tayo dito. Ok lang ba?”

“Oo naman.” At tumambay nga lang kami sa may grandstand. Kwentuhan ng kung anu-ano. Nang medyo uminit na, nilabas ko ang pamaypay mula sa’king bag. He got it from me and started fanning both of us. When he got tired, he played with it. Then…

“Kamusta na nga pala kayo ni Z? Nagkita na ba kayo ulit?” he asked out of nowhere.

I looked at him. Puzzled. But then, I smiled. He knows about my lovelife. Even my feelings for Z. Napag-uusapan namin ang mga yun sa text. I hide nothing from him.

He stared at me intently. Waiting for my answer. I can see a hint of fear in his eyes.

“Ok naman kami. Pero di pa kami nagkikita ulit eh”

Then he let it out, the question he really wanted to ask. He bowed his head, quite hesitant. But looked up at me again. “May feelings ka pa ba sa kanya?”

The answer came to me as fast as the blink of an eye. And I gave it to him with a reassuring smile. Finally, I was able to meet his gaze.

“Wala na. Z is history.”

He stared at me for a few more seconds. Maybe trying to verify the sincerity in my answer. I heard him sighed. Na-relieve siguro. Then, nagpaalam siya para bumili ng food malapit sa gym. He went back with two orders of the famous spicy siomai. He gave me the food and left me again to buy some drinks.

Pagbalik niya, sabay namin kinain ang spicy siomai. We were teasing each other matakaw. I was about to bite into another siomai when he held out his hand with a siomai. Kumindat siya and naintindihan ko na gusto niya pala isubo sa’kin yung siomai. So I opened my lips and he gently fed me.

I did the same. Sinubuan ko rin siya ng siomai. We were in that situation when a pal from my organization passed by. X didn’t notice him. He waved at me and signaled his two fingers indicating that me and X are a couple. Tsk! Sigurado tsismis ako nito sa org. Lagot!

We finished the siomai and drinks and continued chatting. Audrey came three hours after their agreed time. Hinatid nila ako sa sakayan bago sila umalis.

“Bye Jane. Ingat” paalam ni Audrey sabay halik sa pisngi.

“Bye Jane. Ingat ka ha?” sabi rin ni X at biglang halik sa pisngi.

Nagulat ako at di nakagalaw. Natawa si Audrey. But I felt as though my cheeks were burning. Nagpaalam na sila at iniwan akong medyo tulala pa rin sa may sakayan.

To be continued…


1 Response to “Three Love Stories: Against All Odds”

  1. 1 winningquitter February 28, 2009 at 10:39 am

    Z is history?!

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