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I was browsing my Inbox and deleting messages that I no longer need when I saw this email. It says that the way I sleep could actually define my personality. It is so interesting so I decided to keep it. And now, here I am, sharing this email to you…

I attached the illustrations so you can actually tell what sleeping position is yours. Enjoy. πŸ™‚

Covering from head to toe
Covering from head to toe

1. Unknown
Covering from head to toe:

You may appear a real macho in public, but deep down inside you are shy and weak. You tend to keep loads of secrets. If you encounter any problem, you will rather keep it to yourself and agonize over it than ask for help. No wonder you grimace in your sleep!

Back Sleeper with legs crossed
Back Sleeper with legs crossed

2. Back Sleeper
With legs crossed:

Anyone who sleeps cross-legged is said to be self-obssessed and finds difficulty in
accepting changes. Solitude is your priority. Yet, your redeeming quality is your threshold for tolerance!

Back Sleeper with arms crossed to support the head

Back Sleeper w/ arms crossed

3. Back Sleeper

With arms crossed to support the head:
You are highly intelligent and enthusiastic to learn. Yet sometimes you are filled
with cranky ideas which people find hard to follow. You take good care of your family, but the problem is you hardly love anybody. A little bit choosy, huh?

Tummy Sleeper sleeping on the stomach

Tummy Sleeper sleeping on the stomach

4. Tummy Sleeper
Sleeping on the stomach:
If you sleep facedown all night, you are likely to be narrow-minded. You are probably self-centered and always force people to comply with your own needs. You are also likely to be reckless and desultory. Time to change your sleeping posture?

Side Sleeper lying on one side

Side Sleeper lying on one side

5. Side Sleeper
Lying on one side:

This posture indicates that you are a confident person. You will see success in whatever you undertake, owning to your unrelentless endeavour. People who sleep on their right sidewith their right arm stretching over their head and lying on the right side are said to be blessed with power and fortune.

Side Sleeper curling up

Side Sleeper curling up

6. Side Sleeper
Curling up:
Selfish, jealous and vindictive are words that describe you. People around you got to be
careful not to step on your toes as you are easily irritated!

Side Sleeper lying on one arm

Side Sleeper lying on one arm

7. Side Sleeper
Lying on one arm:
Contrary to the previous one (curling up), you are gentle, polite, sincere, and loving. Well, nothing is perfect. Build up your self-confidence and learn to accept mistakes or imperfection. Happiness will then come you way!

Side Sleeper w/ one knee bended

Side Sleeper w/ one knee bended

8. Side Sleeper
With one knee bended:

You are inclined to be fussy, always whining and complaining. Nervousness is probably your second name. You tense up easily and get overly excited over small matters. Life isn’t such a big deal. Learn to relax.

Cuddled Up

Cuddled Up

9. Unknown
Cuddled up:

You feel lonely and depressed because you are obssessed with past failures and setbacks. You are hesitant and indecisive, giving others an impression that love has been missing in your life.

Back Sleeper w/ arms and legs spread out

Back Sleeper w/ arms and legs spread out

10. Back Sleeper
With arms and legs spread out:

What a liberty-loving soul! Well, this posture reveals your true identity. Comfort-lover and beauty-
worshipper, you are also a real spendthrift (but luckily you earn just as much). Your other undesirable
trait is that you are a bit nosy and seem to enjoy gossiping. Well, who did you mention in your tales lately?

Well, now you’ve seen and read them all. So, how were you defined by your sleeping position?Β  πŸ˜‰


7 Responses to “Your SLEEPING POSITION tells WHO YOU ARE”

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  2. 3 yhetz03 July 21, 2008 at 7:28 am

    Nice info. #3 and #5 is my common position, but i dont think it’s my personality.hehehehe πŸ˜†

  3. 4 Aling Peppay August 18, 2008 at 8:37 pm

    Good one, I learn much about myself…

  4. 5 Isaac June 3, 2012 at 6:11 pm

    I sleep in like 8 of those positions. Almost every night is different. Does that mean I have all these traits for certain days? or something Ike that?

  5. 6 Matt May 30, 2014 at 11:39 pm

    Yeah, I have slept in all of these positions at one time or another. Compared to this, Astrology is a science….

  6. 7 Madyson May 15, 2015 at 1:00 pm

    I sleep with my legs crossed either way and I sleep kinda on my side but kinda on my stomach and on my arm…. I’m not sure witch on to read lol

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