Non-work related sites to relieve your stress


Don’t tell my boss okey? Yup, I’m also guilty of browsing non-work related sites here in the office. I’m not a goody-goody office girl, you know. But I’m neither a brat too. It’s just that I really have to do these things to rest my mind for a few minutes or so.

Just like now… Hehehe… I’m blogging. And as I do this, let me share to you my top three favorite online games. Yep, I play in the office too. Let’s keep this tiny secret, deal?

Here they are…

1. Rose and Camellia 

I’ve come to know this game through an officemate. He said that this game suits a Maldita like me. Indeed, it does. And it helps me a lot in relieving my stress. And more often, my anger too. 🙂

Rose and Camilla

In Rose and Camellia, you get to play as Reiko, the widow of the eldest son of the historied Tsubakikoji family. You fight for your right in Tsubakikoji’s house by slapping the members of the family. Your aim is to defeat all of them through critical damages that you’ll inflict. Anyway, I was able to reach the last level but wasn’t able to finish it. The last family member is such a monster.

2. Boomshine

A game from Something that will definitely keep your minds busy in case you get bored with your everyday work. I, myself, play this in between my tasks. Hahaha… I reached level 12 already!


Boomshine is a game that will test your strategies. Your objective here is to create a chain reaction through the explosion of the different colored dots. There are twelve levels and you’ll find each of them to really be very challenging.

3. Block Frenzy

Warning. This is a very addicting game that’s why I just placed it on the third spot. Whenever I play this, I became too absorbed on the game till I just realize that I’ve done nothing in my tasks. Not advisable to play when you got tons of work. 😉

Block frenzy

You will know how calm you are through this game. Try to stay in the game more than 15 seconds if you could.

Oooops… I gotta go back to work now. Some of the big bosses are here. Play when you only got some free time, ok? Ciao!


3 Responses to “Non-work related sites to relieve your stress”

  1. 1 melly April 10, 2008 at 10:39 am

    I enjoyed reading your post. I’ve found out plenty of techniques which can be used to relief stress. Read them up at and give them a try today. It’ll do good for you.

  2. 2 laurdyreirl October 11, 2008 at 2:23 am

    🙂 reflects the couple’s low-key approach to their royal connections.

  3. 3 mike January 18, 2009 at 11:05 pm

    lyXr7n hi! how you doin?

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