Essential Things in Considering a Job Offer

For a fresh graduate, the words “You are hired” or “Can you start working next week?” is like the sound of coins in a cash register. It is music to the ears. Para kang tumama sa lotto dahil sa wakas may trabaho ka na. However, accepting a job shouldn’t be as fast as a blink of an eye.

Okey… You are probably raising your eyebrows now. You might be mumbling there already that being hesitant in a job offer is a big NO-NO for a fresh graduate or for someone in a great financial need. Well, you are DEAD WRONG. Ooops… Let me remind you, you are reading a maldita’s blog so expect some attitude here. Anyway, it’s not actually rude to delay your decision regarding a job offer. Take Note. Your future lies in your hands. You have to choose wisely.

So, in order to help you in the HUGE DILEMMA of your life, I got here some things that you should take into consideration before accepting a job offer. These shall serve as your guide. Dahil din dito, magagawa mong makaiwas sa mga abusadong employers.

* Company Stability and Reputation
Do your research. Know the profile of the management and company where you applied. Are they registered in the Department of Trade and Industry or Security and Exchange Commission? Is the company competitive in its industry? Discover its achievements too. In this way, you’ll know if you will be secured if you accept the position you applied for.

* Well-Specified Job Description
Nowadays, lots of companies love to hire fresh graduates. Why? Because these individuals are easy to train and most of them are so obedient that they don’t complain whatever is aked of them. THIS IS NOT GOOD.

I know a friend who works in a BPO company. She earns the minimum wage (maybe quite above now but still not enough) and handles/does more than what her position requires. Yet, she is still therenot complaining (maybe because of FEAR).

To avoid this scene, read the job description of your position. Try to memorize it. If you see things that seem too much for the job (words like “multi-tasking”) then think a hundred times before you go for it. Remember, once you’ve made a wrong move, it’s hard to get out.

* Friendly and Healthy Working Environment
Definitely, you’ve been to the company where you applied during the interview so it is safe to assume that you already have a fore-taste of the atmosphere. It will always be to your advantage if you observed the office. Look around you. Are the people friendly? Do they look happy in their work? Is there room for professional growth and healthy competition? Check if you would be able to blend in the crowd. The place and the people (office and colleagues-including management) are vital factors that help create successful individuals.

* Competent Compensation and Benefits
Last but definitely not the least factor to consider. The compensation offered to you reflects how the company sees your worth. That’s why never settle for something that is ‘just okey’. Remember the cost of living we have at present. You should be guaranteed by the company that whatever talent or service that you’ll be exerting is well compensated. Not only that, mandatory benefits should also exist. Maraming companies ngayon ang hindi nag-reremit sa SSS, wag sana kayo mabiktima. Kung biktima na kayo, matutong magreklamo, di naman masama ipaglaban ang karapatan nyo. So keep in mind to check your benefits.

If you’re done with all four, now you’re ready to accept or reject that offer. Never regret your decision coz at the end you’ll realize, at one point it has always been what you wanted. 🙂


3 Responses to “Essential Things in Considering a Job Offer”

  1. 1 Rc February 8, 2008 at 1:56 pm

    Great. I already read this somewhere.. just forgot the site.
    anyway great read.

    Photography | Cars | Me

  2. 2 Ren Ren February 8, 2008 at 1:59 pm

    Thanks for the tips..

    Rolan Emill Ramos

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