The Philippine Department of Trade and Industry must be SICK.

Of all the alternatives to lighten the burden in the oil prices, they have thought of placing tax in text messaging. Perhaps these oldies are so bitter since no one sends them SMS.

Last night when I was wano to text taxtching the news, I can’t help but rant. Piso na nga lang na text nagkukuripot na ako. Paano pa kaya pag ginawa nilang P1.50? GRRR…

Then I remembered what I used to tease my mom before when her mobile doesn’t have any load. “Ibenta mo na lang kaya cel mo pambili ng load?!” And it feels like it’s all coming back to me NOW (sounds like a song, huh? wag nyo na kantahin please).

Communication is very important and I really don’t see any justification on this SMS tax shit. Texting is the most affordable means of keeping in touch. In fact, it is a vital part of the society and let me show you the benefits…

  1. Text messaging keeps relationships stronger. Just a short “Hi. Gud am. Hw r u?” can already make a big difference.
  2. Text messaging helps us in our budget. A peso per sent SMS is already equivalent to a huge amount of savings compared to making a voice call.
  3. Text messaging bridges the distance of two hearts apart. This one, I know that everyone would agree especially those who have OFWs in the family. An SMS or two means a lot for those who are missing their loved-ones and are so homesick.
  4. Text messaging is the fastest, most convenient way in disseminating information. Remember how so many Filipinos learned about the People Power revolution 2 and marched to EDSA? You’re right. It is thru text brigade. 

There are so many other benefits of text messaging and I guess you have an idea what are they. If you noticed, most of the benefits are advantages and there are only few that could be a disadvantage.  SO PLEEASE Mr. Trade Secretary Peter Favila, if your life is miserable and no one’s texting you, then spare us. Live your miserable life alone. Don’t say that texting encourages unproductive activities like spreading rumors and sending senseless messages. Admit it, you are just bitter.

And here’s for you…

Thou shalt not deprive text messaging to the Filipino people. GET A LIFE, OK?


1 Response to “SMS Tax? NO WAY!”

  1. 1 zak January 12, 2008 at 9:13 am

    “Perhaps these oldies are so bitter since no one sends them SMS.”

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