Triple Treat

It was a fine sunny Saturday. The last day of work for the year 2007. Well, we are all definitely in a lazy mode that time since the holidays are coming and most especially because our dear supervisor is on leave. Anyway, we all thought of one thing: LOAF.

My colleagues agreed on going out for lunch. I was quite hesitant since I have already planned my budget and I gotta watch out for every spend since I’m saving for an important event on 2008. Yet, on the last minute I changed my mind and joined them.

We had our lunch at The Chocolate Kiss (click for menu), UP Diliman. It is a cozy restaurant located at the UP Alumni House. There, I ordered Oriental Pork Salpicao (pork tenderloin with garlic rice and sauteed mixed veggies), and Mango Juice.

I enjoyed eating my healthy meal. I called it healthy because of the veggies. hehehe… But what actually pleased me a lot is my dessert. The Chocolate Kiss Suite.

ChocKiss Suite

(In Photo: The ChocKiss Suite — Devil’s Food, Prune Cake and Kahlua Butter Cake) 

The Chocolate Kiss Suite is perfect for all those who have a sweet tooth. It is a serving of three different slices of sweet treats from Chockiss famous cakes.

For my dessert, I chose Devil’s Food, Prune Cake, and Kahlua Butter Cake.

Devil’s Food is just so sweeeeet. It is topped with a very thick icing that I thought I won’t be able to finish it. And yet, the choco fudge filling is very indulging that I didn’t know I’m already done with it.

PruneCake is something that I really liked. It has a hint of wine perhaps because of the prune. And, it is not very sweet. Something just right.

Kahlua Butter Cake on the other hand, is a blend of coffee, mocha and butter. Since I am no longer allowed to drink coffee, this cake has definitely satisfied my craving. hehehe…



1 Response to “Triple Treat”

  1. 1 ria January 16, 2008 at 4:06 pm

    gusto ko sana pumunta at kumain jan, ngunit si bf, sa up diliman nagtake ng MA. Grrh. Kaasar.

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